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are senegal parrots good for apartments and do they make a mess?

i was wondering if senegal are messy eaters like parakeets are or they dont cause and messes and also can you please put a list of tricks a senegal can learn

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    Senegals weigh about three times as much as budgies - you can figure their poop is three times as big, as well. They both shed down feathers; the senegal's are bigger but there aren't any more of them. They are both messy eaters and scatter food. The senegal can fling it a little further, but not much. So somewhat more mess, but not too much.

    Senegals are generally good apartment birds because they're not as loud as many other parrots their size, although they may talk quite a bit.


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    Senegal parrots are known for making good apartment parrots. Senegals are much quieter birds than many of the smaller and popular parrots. They are messy- all parrots are. Parrots are messy eaters, will toss their food around, and leave it up to you to clean up the mess! Might not be the funnest chore out there, but it's definitely worth it... at least I think so. :)

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    senegals can be messy eaters depends on the bird not as bad as parakeets though, as well the tricks u can teach a senegal are the same as any other parrot. u can train it to put a ball through a hoop, fly to perches on demand, step up, speak and so on.

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