Social Security advises it will no longer pay my Medicare and cuts my benefit check by $116?

Am a blind & disabled senior in SC & have just gotten a notice from SS that they're no longer paying my medicare and as of March 1 will reduce the amount of my benefit by $116.00. I really don't understand how this can happen. Please answer only if you KNOW the correct answer. Since it's the weekend, I'm unable to reach SS directly until Monday. Thanks much



Billy, you're not so bright, really, are you? You're way out of touch with the world and especially with disabled folks who also have a vision challenge. First of all, I'm 76, and am thankful that my high school teacher insisted (back in the dark ages of 1949) on correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and error-free typing using TOUCH-TYPING (no vision needed for touch typing, Billy.)

Also BUD, there's no fraud going on here - my computer is my one source of being able to make contact with the world since I voluntarily gave up driving 5 years ago (sold my car & got a computer & some training on it) so I wouldn't have killed or maimed anyone by my not being able to see.

For both of you who criticize me about using a computer, the blind have computer programs where text and pages are read out loud to us. Only thing the program doesn't do is pick up the sarcasm of folks like you! Grow up & Smarten up! Disabled or blind doesn't make us stupid!

Thanks to th

Update 2:

ose of you who answered. Yes, it's probably the state I live in (SC), but I'll learn how to live on 700/mo now instead. It's a good thing I was born during the Great Depression years; I was taugh how to "DO," "MAKE-DO," and especially how to "DO WITHOUT!" My cup has _always_ been half full anyway! Many Blessings

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    This sounds like your state is no longer paying your Medicare Part B and it will be deducted from your Social Security check. All states are trying to save money by cutting SSI and Medicaid. You are lucky to get Medicare but you will now have to pay your own monthly Part B premiums like the rest of us. In California where I live, I dont qualify for Medicaid because my income is over $903 a month and I have a share of cost so I have to pay my Part B Medicare.

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    I just received notice of the same here in Pennsylvania . . . Medicare premium no longer going to be paid by the State (Medicaid) . . . $110 or something like it will now be taken from my $695/per month social security check AND they re going to charge me for the months before I was even notified of the change ??!!??

    My only hope is that my rent in my HUD housing apartment will be reduced to accommodate this drastic change in my income and/or I can declare bankruptcy and perhaps muddle through after that somehow. But I m fantasizing the drastic cuts in my small pleasures that will have to be made including my internet provider.

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  • Jan
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    If you are low income,your state pays your medicare premium,not SS. States are going broke and are making cuts. Perhaps your state has cut the medicare payments. Only thing I can figure out unless your income has increased.

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    Only social security can answer this.I believe the office is closed monday for Presidents Day,but you should be able to use the ssi website.

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    A lot of fraud going on out there, and they are finally catching up with some of it. Like blind people with computers????!!!

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    Did you just turn 65? If so, you will pay for medicare, and it runs $ 116 a month., It will be deducted from your monthly check.

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    If you are blind, how did you type this question? And, what is a blind person doing with a computer?

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    Social Security Disability Information -

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