A Double" Austin Aries considering retiring from professional wrestling after being rejected from Tough Enough?

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WQ:) One of the best professional wrestlers in the world today "A Double" Austin

Aries was on those wrestlers considered for Wwe's Tough Enough 2011 season

he was ultimately rejected and not offered a spot on the roster. On his twitter he

wrote this, "Apparently not big, young, or tough enough. While it's been amazing,

the AA chapter of my life may be coming to an end very soon." He is considering

now walking away and retiring from professional wrestling any thoughts about this?

BQ:) Where does Austin Aries go from here? Should he go back to Ring of Honor

and try to be a 3-Time Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion, should he just

decide to stay with Dragon Gate USA and try to be a champion in that promotion or

should he just go wrestle in Japan Pro Wrestling Noah or New Japan Pro Wrestling?

BQ2:) What was your favorite Austin Aries match of all time? This can be from any

indy or mainstream promotion he has wrestled in TNA, ROH, Dragon Gate & NWA?

My personal favorite match: Austin Aries vs. KENTA (Chicago, Illinois June 24, 2006)

BQ3:) Shouldn't some wrestler with some pull in World Wrestling Entertainment go up

and speak to upper management so he can at least compete in Wwe Tough Enough?

Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal), Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson), Cm Punk and Seth Rollins

have all competed with and worked with Austin Aries in ROH Ring of Honor Wrestling.

-The source is the article please read that wrestling news.


I asked a question on Friday thanks to all indy wrestling fans who answer my question.



@The Dragon: Austin Aries actually competed in TNA Wrestling for about

2 years from (2005-2007) using his "Austin Starr" gimmick. TNA definitely

would be a good option for him to go back and work there in a 2nd run and

this time around he won't be over looked after all of his accomplishments in

pro wrestling. Austin Aries vs Kurt Angle would be a true fans dream match

and if they are willing to put that Tna world title belt on Hardy, Anderson and

Rob Van Dam I'm sure Aries would add some great prestige to that Tna belt.

Update 2:

@Even Flow DDT: From what I'm hearing from people bro is that the Tough

Enough 2011 contestants will all be "Models" as of right now the only one

I know who is a confirmed participant on Tough Enough is Miss USA Rima

Fakih she's the chick who was the guest host on RAW during Wwe's King

of the Ring 2010 Tournament that Sheamus won last year. You don't think

that Austin Aries could make one last run in Tna Wrestling and represent

Tna Wrestling being their World Heavyweight Champion how Samoa Joe's

done in the past. I think he should go to Tna Wrestling El Generico he got

a Tna Wrestling tryout match not too long ago and now that Wolfe is out.


Update 3:

@Everyone I don't think that age is a factor. I think its all politics there look

at Dave Batista he made his debut in 2002 at 32 years old, Alberto Del Rio

made his debut at 33 years of age and Chris Jericho is 40 years old and he

is going to resign a new contract soon. Austin Aries is still young 32 years

old and he can wrestle and perform good matches in the ring. I think they're

making a mistake by not signing this guy they already dropped the ball with

KAVAL last year he could of been the wrestler to replace Rey Mysterio Jr.

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  • 9 years ago
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    He should probably go to acting school and get a WWE agent or two to show him how to punch and kick for several minutes (and show him how to NOT wrestle in those several minutes) to become a "sports entertainer" then come back and try again next season (if there even is one). Vince doesn't want wrestlers; you saw what he did to Bryan Danielson and Low Ki (I ain't calling him "Kaval"). I'm glad he doesn't get the chance to kill Austin Aries' credibility, too. Fortunately, Low Ki got out before his reputation and credibility were damaged beyond repair.

    I am pretty much disgusted with the WWE in general. The crap gimmicks; the crap recycled storylines; the shoveling of Michael Cole down our throats; the nWo-ing of the Nexus (an angle and faction that should have ended after their feud with Cena); a comedy tag team for Tag Team Champs; that horsesh*t with the WHC Title this past Smackdown further devaluing and making a mockery of that title; the dumbed-down, repetitive, and tiresome punching and kicking Vince passes off as "sports entertainment"; the endless close-ups of Orton's and Cole's damn faces; that overplayed and irritating "email from the anonymous GM" crap; Cole on RAW AND Smackdown; The Rock-orgy lovefest that's been going on non-stop for the entire week in this section crowding out everything else with the same damn comments over and over and over; those Rock-lovers bashing Cena-lovers having no clue that they are worse than the pro-Cena fans with their juvenile comments and endless oh-so-witty repeating of The Rock's catchphrases; the fact that anybody even entertains the thought that the WWE is pro wrestling; the continual moronic TNA bashing by Vince McMahon-kool-aid-drinking sycophantic WWE fans; I'm just sick of the WWE and "sports entertainment" and now, even the fans of it.

    *deep breath, let it out slowly*

    BQ: Aries doesn't need the WWE, f*ck Vince McMahon and his ridiculous "sports entertainment". ROH can use him. He could go back to TNA, as well (he'd be a good fit in Immortal; I'd love to see him feud with Kazarian over the X Division Title). Japan loves talented American wrestlers (the promotions AND the fans). Far as I know, he hasn't wrestled in AAA yet. He can definitely keep up with the luchadors in that promotion. The WWE is NOT the be-all end-all. A man of Aries' many talents has endless opportunities. Because I am particularly irritated with Vince McMahon at the moment, I'd love to see Aries go to TNA, get put in the main events or a high-profile feud with Kazarian and show Vince what Austin Aries can do.

    BQ2: That was a great match. I'd probably go with that one, too. I love watching KENTA wrestle.

    BQ3: "Evan Bourne" is a nobody in the WWE. "Daniel Bryan" is a (sort of) comedy mid-carder with no stroke. "Seth Rollins" isn't even on the main roster yet. And Punk's relationship with the "powers that be" is questionable given his past history of...running his mouth backstage; at the moment things are going well for him, and he probably doesn't want to risk "stepping on toes" by being pushy about somebody who "couldn't cut it".

    It would likely take somebody who has Vince's ear, or at least HAD it in the past. I don't know Aries relationship with him but Kevin Nash (they were in TNA together) could speak to Vince on Aries' behalf and Vince would probably listen. Or Nash could speak to Triple H and Triple H could speak to Vince.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's sad to see Austin Aries contemplating retirement because he got rejected from Tough Enough. But if he wants to retire it's up to him, maybe he feels his heart isn't with wrestling anymore and wants to try different things, like acting or dancing or even becoming a manager. So whatever Double A says I respect his decision.

    BQ: His best bet is to attempt to go back into ROH or skip that completely and go back into the indy scene since Austin Aries is pretty popular in independant circuits and I doubt TNA will use him that much because they already dropped the ball on him the first time, so Aries would be plain dumb to go back and just be used as a nobody, plus they already have Immortal and Fortune and Aries just doesn't fit there, he fits more in a feud for the X-Division title or something like that.

    BQ2: I personally have never watched any of his matches but I've heard of a couple and went ahead and watched some, and from my experience my personal favorite Austin Aries match is when he faced Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) at Motor City Madness. The match just clicked on to me for some reason and I've watched the match a few times since.

    BQ3: Yes, even if WWE might reject the idea it always never hurts to pitch an idea, because Orton pitched to Vince he should rehire Chris Masters, and he did. So it never hurts to try.

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  • 9 years ago

    What I hope He dosent Retire But come on Austin is still in his Early 30's Yeah he dident Make it to Tough Enough So What He dosent Need Tough Enough If WWE really Cared about talent they would Sign Him i mean what Are they putting on Tough Enough Models Come on Like Miss USA is going to have the time to Wrestle And only like 2 People make tough Enough And only One becomes Big And the other RELEASED If WWE Cared About Austin I say they Would ******* Not Have Him Go to FCW,NXT,Or Tough Enough They would make him debuted Like Alberto De Rilo And Let me tell you Alberto Made WWE sign Him as much as he is my favorite Wrestler Alberto dident want To be on FCW or NXT he only went 3 Months and got Pissed So WWE Signed Him The Same With the Bella Twins They were Never fans of Wrestling They just got called By Vince Cause They Were Models So come on Vince Is this what your going to Do with Tyler Black I'm pretty Sure Kaval wanted The IC Title but no.Well Hopefully TNA or ROH,Or Dragon Gate Puts Him on the Roster and it will be a shame if He Leaves NWA right Now.

    BQ I think Austin Should Stay On NWA(2 Months) And then Go to Dragon Gate USA For anther Two Months And Then Go to ROH and have a Feud With Roderick Strong For the ROH Title

    BQ2 My Favorite Match From Austin Ares Was When He Faced Samoa Joe at Final Battle 2004 For the ROH Title

    BQ3 I think they should i mean Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne) Made Tyler Black Sign With WWE

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  • That's really amazing. I hope Austin doesn't retire. I enjoyed his short in TNA before TNA made him decide whether or not to wrestle for them or Ring of Honor.

    I'd like to see Austin Aries compete for and win championships in Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE Wrestling. However, I would not be upset if he went to Pro Wrestlign NOAH, New Japan Pro Wrestling or All Japan Pro Wrestling and competed for championships in one of those promotions. I would not adverse to seeing him signing a new contract with TNA and going after the TNA World Television Title, The TNA World Heavyweight Title or the TNA X-Division Championship.

    I love the matches he had with Tyler Black in Ring of Honor in 2009 and 2010. I also enjoyed the last match he had against Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong last year.

    If WWE cannot tell that Austin Aries is a World Class Wrestler based on his matches in Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA, then WWE Management has problem evaluating talent and James Laurinaitus, Triple H and Jim Ross really need to sit down and think about what types to "Talent" the WWE wants and should be looking for.

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  • WQ: Aries is not only my favourite wrestler but he was the one that got me back into wrestling when i stopped watching wrestling completely for like 6 or so years.

    BQ: Aries is a talented man. Maybe try acting. I cant see him going back to ROH. He's done it all there. As for DGUSA, it will come down to commitment. Aries seemms to feel done with wrestling as a whole. But he would be good where ever he works.

    BQ2: One of his two matches with Nigel (Rising Above and Supercard of Honor 3). They are two of the best matches ive ever seen

    BQ3: tough enough casting is run by the network not the wwe

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  • 9 years ago

    I heard, but he said AA chapter might be ending. That could refer to a gimmick change.

    BQ: He should just keep doing what he is doing and wrestle where he can. I like him in DG or NOAH.

    2: One of his matches against Danielson. Maybe the one in Chicago for ROH. I forget the event

    3: I heard that supposedly the WWE management didn't pick who competed on the show. It was the network or something. Sadly, the only one of the guys you listed with any pull is Punk in the WWE.

    Source(s): KENTA
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    BQ1: Probably walmart or target, he will at least be able to buy beer and see his fans teeth slowly deteriorate over time.

    BQ2: The one match where he used feigned emotions to convey a point and over all made a fool of himself and made him look like an absolute asshole.

    BQ3: Yes, they should delusional storm into some management office, rip off their shirts, start throwing chairs, and yelling. Leaving the 10+ audience laughing their *** off at home at the terrible, terrible redneck drama that pro wresting created.

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  • I dont know who that is.. But it's sad, bc I would love to see his work in the rinq

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