I need some advice-I am getting an iPhone 4 from AT&T on Tuesday.?

I bought the 2 year Apple Care program with the phone. But what about the insurance program that AT&T says to get? Is it necessary? I have had a Samsung Impression (with a glass front) for almost 2 years. I would hate to just throw away my money on purchasing an expensive insurance policy for this phone unless I really should. I am on a fixed income (under $800.00 a month) and I am not careless with my things. If I should get this insurance which one should I get? I see some fairly inexpensive programs and AT&Ts' which is awfully expensive. Please if anyone can give me some good practical advice I would appreciate it greatly.

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  • 10 years ago
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    AppleCare Program is the Iphone Warranty program... not its insurance program

    1) ATT and Verizon does NOT offer iphone warranty or insurance, per Apple Policy and Regulations... This is handled by Apple and Asurion Ins. ALONE. The Insurance Premium is charge 11.99/mo., which is auto debitted from a credit/debit card... no credit/debit card??? no insurnace for your iphone then... The insurance program for iphone only is called MobileProtect. Download it via AppMarket WITHIN 30 DAYS of ACTIVATION...

    MobileProtect covers what AppleCare will NOT cover, such as loss, theft, accidental physical damage and liquid damage of any kind, and out of AppleCare Warranty failure (including battery replacements) and typically provides next day replacements..

    Now... I would not even have PAID jack for AppleCare $^!#$&... I would have just gotten the insurance... Basically, you got hoodwink! Gotta Love Apple!

    Google Android Rules!

    Apple Iphones sucks!

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    What does Apple Care cover that insurance does not?

    As far as I know, Apple Care does not cover, lost, stolen or damaged iPhones.

    Insurance on the other hand, while it can be spendy, does cover lost, stolen and damaged phones and in some cases water damage.

    Apple Care cover no any type of damage, other than hardware failure.

    No matter how careful you are with your things, you have dropped or broken things by accident in the past, as most humans have. Since the iPhone 4, has a glass front and back it just takes the wrong thing dropped on the phone or the right angle for a dropped phone to cause one of both of the glass sides of the phone to break or shatter, and Apple Care only covers broken screens that are due to defects, not drops. If you do end up with a broken glass screen, it will cost you $199. As it won't be a warranty issue, at least according to the last Apple store I was in.

    Since Apple Care does not cover stolen, lost or damaged phone, and one of those things happens to it, how do you replace your phone on your limited income, should one of those things happen?

    Now depending on the time of day and the phase of the moon, and wich apple store you walk into, you might get a broken screen replaced for free.

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