Any advice for suicidal thoughts?

Over the last 2 years or so my thoughts have been very much intense, though I've thought about it over the past 8 or so. I'm not the typical case, I like my life generally, but I have an intense unhappiness in my life. I am 25 years old, never went to school (although I am supposed to go to college next sept). All my friends are successful , married and or travelling. I am broke and have nothing but 2000 dollars worth of debt. I have had neck pain for the last 2 years that is sometimes unbearable. I obsess over the same regrets ( see;_ylt=AkGFo... )

I only feel calm and relaxed when I remember that I can end this for myself and don't have to continue. Thoughts of the meaninglessness of life and the fact we all we will die anyhow makes me wonder what the point of anything in life is. I think about this constantly, and although I don't consider myself depressed in a traditional sense, I am always frustrated at the facts of life.

I cannot get the confidence to ask people out or make new friends (though I have a great family and friends myself, I know that through moving and marriage I will effectively be alone in less than 5 years) Noone wants to date a 25 year old who owns nothing and is not good at anything.

I see myself as unintellegent, out of shape and pathetic. I know that things can and do change, but I feel as if the best years of my life are over. I missed the chance to grow and develop in the normal ways most people do, and spent the first half of my 20's obsessing over one stupid mistake.

I am at a dead end. I just want to go to sleep and know that I will stop putting others through the pain and embarrassment of having me as a friend or family member.

I know they love me, but my family would be much, much better off without me, having to worry about me losing another job and having to move home or trying to explain what I am doing these days. I wish I could have made them proud.

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    Hello-and I sincerely apologize for trying to answer such a question this way-as I live on the opposite side of the the way- you could- more or less- be my son...

    1.Try to think about the great harm you'll inflict to your family and friends- once you admit they love you.

    2.Try to heed that people who lost their best years due to various causes -are still able to rebuild their lives..try to value much more your life-and the gifts it gave you:youth,physical health,link to the world by means of Internet, friends- in real life, family...try to heed all or part of these are not granted to too many young people of your age...

    3.Try to understand and heed that depression may strike even most succesful people- at the summit of glory-and make them feel they reached a dead end...try to seek professional medical aid- of a psychologist or a psychiatrist-in your area-with no need help- and help may be quite real life...find it...

    4.Please understand and heed that seeking a permanent ''solution'' for problems which may be fixed this way or another whilst you're alive is horrendous least in my humble opinion...furthermore- heed that failing at an attempt to harm yourself may leave you physically crippled for the rest of your don't even think about it!

    Remember it's a wonderful world out there...

    5.Please- understand-and heed- that people who lost their families to either wars, or accidents, or bloody terror-rebuild- at least at times- their lives from ashes...I see no good reason for you- not to live a healthy, happy life...ok, you need help... find it there!

    Source(s): I am a Family Physician- living and working in Israel... if and when you just whant to further ''talk'' to me about what's on your heart and soul...please add me at May God bless you...May you find the power to overcome all adversities...
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    If you care enough about your family to want too make them proud, then they must be decent enough people who would be very disturbed about their son/sibling/etc dying.

    You are really beating yourself up, and I'm really sorry that you seem convinced about how awful life is. The truth of the matter is, you can still go out and do something still. The economy is horrible, and you haven't been around long enough to have experienced what it's like when it's better.

    Anyways, without me going on and on about how "you can do it!", you need to figure out. I read your other post about the girl. You sound like a very moral, considerate guy. You must be sensitive or you wouldn't be thinking the way you are. Sounds to me like you're a good person. Your writing isn't bad, so you aren't stupid.

    Seems like you're hung up about not living up to expectations. I don't think it's a good idea to get into a relationship at this point because you're a wreck, albeit not a hopeless one, and your relationship would probably bring you a whole lot more pain. You need to figure out something else.

    You know you need to be happier with yourself. Check out "The Art of Happiness" by the Dalai Lama and some other guy. It's basically a psychologist who interviews that Dali Lama about how he can stay so positive all the time in the face of so much crappiness. That's a great book. I also recommend getting in touch with your self in other ways. Find a support group online, not just this yahoo questions place.

    Also, you need to get a handle on your past, your long ago childhood past, and figure out what the hell went wrong and what you need to do about it. Look into grief/trauma counseling - the way your guilty conscience is overwhelming you, I'd be very surprised if you didn't experience trauma or neglect, even if it's the emotional neglect of too busy parents.

    Good luck to you!

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    BISMILLAH - in the name of ALLAH(GOD)


    do you know the one who commits suicide goes directly to hell, so don't even think of that road, can you sustain the pain of burning your finger for only one minute, think eternity?

    Watch the following video, are the people in this video seem depressed or they seem grateful for what THE CREATOR has given them. Watch them and compare yourself to them.

    Youtube thumbnail

    But most importantly, see u loose interest in life or become depressed when there is no correct motivational factor for u, if there's one, you don't live a life of depression but are energetic and charged up to work for that goal. I would advise you following(if trying something unique and different is not odd for you):

    Listen to this song, this takes u in a totally different dimension, but listen and watch both, and then think about what the purpose of our life should be and is yours on that course, once you have understood clearly (thru this song, the interviews, the movie and the stories below) what the purpose of life is then you will not feel depressed but motivated to do something for it.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Do you know about 'cat stevens' the famous singer of the 70s, now he is known as 'yusuf islam,' i would advise you watch his interview on youtube, he used to be on drugs and wasn't happy with his life even with ton of money, but now has transformed to a way of life which he is content with.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Also do you know about rapper loon, this guy was with p-diddy, i would advise you watch his interview on youtube as well.

    Youtube thumbnail

    When done, watch the following it is not based on fiction, but real events, this went on to change the course of the world that we live in today.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Also if you like reading stories, which are both real and educative, here try the following site. These people (even though some of them were very young) faced trials and persecution, but emerged as successful ones(praises to THE CREATOR ALONE for that), and made history, wrote new chapters in the books of ethics and morality, reached to the top, yet were very humble but strict, the rich and strong would be threatened by them but the weak and poor will feel secure.

    trust me there is a solution for all of our problems ALHAMDULILLAH(praises to THE CREATOR only), but we need to knock the right door.

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