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what an extension of the JAMA ?

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    JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association

    JAMA, published continuously since 1883, is an international peer-reviewed general medical journal published 48 times per year. JAMA is the most widely circulated medical journal in the world. The online version is made freely available to institutions in developing countries. JAMA's 2009 impact factor is 28.9 (the impact factor is a measure of citation rate per article, and is calculated by dividing 1 year's worth of citations to a journal's articles published in the previous 2 years by the number of major articles [eg, research papers, reviews] published by that journal in those 2 years). JAMA's acceptance rate is approximately 9% of the nearly 6000 solicited and unsolicited manuscripts it receives annually. In 2010, the median time from submission to acceptance for all articles was 52 days and, for Online First articles, 25 days. The median time from acceptance to publication was 34 days for all articles and 20 days for articles published Online First. The Editor-in-Chief of JAMA is Catherine DeAngelis, MD, MPH.

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