A few WWE questions w/ BQ's?

1> If you could bring back 27 WWE superstars/Personalities who haven't died, who would they be?

1) Terry Funk

2) Sabu

3) Sandman

4) RVD

5) Jim Duggan

6) Shelton Benjamin

7) The Hurricane

8) Joey Styles

9) John Bradshaw Layfield

10) Rikishi

11) Scotty 2 Hotty

12) Ric Flair

13) Shawn Michaels

14) Batista

15) Vader

16) Earthquake

17) Val Venis

18) Hardcore Holly

19) Shad Gaspard

20) Matt Hardy

21) Mike Adamle

22) Elijah Burke

23) Super Crazy

24) Mick Foley

25) Goldberg

26) Marcus Cor Von

27) Bobby Lashley

With signings comes releases - Name 15 WWE Current Superstars to release (Male)

1) Chris Masters

2) Tedd Dibiase

3) Cody Rhodes

4) Dolph Ziggler

5) R-Truth

6) Christian

7) Jey Uso

8) Jimmy Uso

9) Jack Swagger

10) Primo

11) Hornswoggle

12) Tyson Kidd

13) Darren Young

14) Alex Riley

15) Kofi Kingston

6 Divas to bring back

1) Ashley

2) Torrie Wilson

3) Tiffany

4) Stacy Kiebler

5) Mickie James

6) Lita

4 Divas to release

1) & 2) Bellas

3) Tamina

4) Gail Kim

5 wrestlers that should turn heel

1) John Cena

2) Mark Henry

3) The Great Khali

4) Undertaker

5) Rey Mysterio

5 Wreslers to go to Friday Nights

1) CM Punk

2) Randy Orton

3) John Cena

4) John Morrison

5) Mark Henry

5 Wrestlers to Monday night

1) Edge

2) Alberto Del Rio

3) Dolph Zigler

4) The Undertaker

5) Kane

7 Wrestlers to get a push

1) William Regal

2) Evan Bourne

3) The Great Khali

4) Vladimer Kozlov (as a singles competitor)

5) Trent Barreta

6) Curt Hawkins

7) John Morrison

BQ: Do you think WWE should bring back a show like ECW to replace NXT?

BQ2: Should Smackdown move Thursday Night again?

BQ3: Should Smackdown be live?

BQ4: Should JBL return to commentate Friday Night?

BQ5: If you could Change Raws name what would it be?

BQ6: What PPV's would you bring back?


@ randy orton - to get them all out there answer them idiot

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    If you could bring back 27 WWE superstars/Personalities who haven't died, who would they be?

    1.Shawn Michaels

    2.Bubba Ray Dudley

    3.DVon Dudley

    4.Matt Hardy

    5.Jeff Hardy

    6.Shelton Benjamin

    7.Charlie Haas

    8.Scotty 2 Hotty

    9.Grandmaster Sexy



    12.Chris Jericho


    14.Dean Malenko



    17.Bret Hart


    19.Caylen Croft


    21:Diamond Dallas Page (DDP)

    With signings comes releases - Name 15 WWE Current Superstars to release (Male)


    2.Chris Masters

    3.Darren Young

    4.Michael Tarver


    6.Alex Riley

    7.Jack Swagger

    8.Jimmy Uso

    9.Jey Uso

    10.Scott Stanford

    11.Heath Slater

    12.Tyler Reks

    13.R Truth

    14.David Ottunga

    15.Husky Harris

    (This list isn't like full because just went over the list of WWE Superstars and chose some guys who need to step up.I like most of the roster wouldn't really fire some,but 15 is alot.LOL)

    6 Divas to bring back

    1.Maria Kanellis

    2.Mickie James

    3.Torrie Wilson

    4.Trish Stratus(Full Time Wrestler not a Trainer or Appearances)

    5.Stacy Keibler


    4 Divas to release


    2.Beth Pheonix


    4.Alicia Fox

    5 wrestlers that should turn heel

    1.John Cena

    2.Jerry Lawler (on commentary I liked him better as heel commentator)

    3.Mark Henry

    4.Daniel Bryan

    5.Randy Orton (He's a Tweener)

    5 Wreslers to go to Friday Nights

    1.Daniel Bryan

    2.The Great Khali

    3.Evan Bourne

    4.Mark Henry

    5.Ted Dibiase

    5 Wrestlers to Monday night


    2.Drew Mcintyre



    5.Justin Gabriel

    7 Wrestlers to get a push

    1.Evan Bourne

    2.Daniel Bryan

    3.Ted Dibiase


    5.Trent Barreta

    6.John Morrison

    7.Zack Ryder

    BQ:Depends really.If WWE brings back ECW it shouldn't be the same 1 hour bland show as before.They need to get more airing time,a better roster,and better storylines then WWE could bring it back.

    BQ2:No,I like it as Friday Nights.It's the best way to start a weekend by enjoying some wrestling.

    BQ3:No,that takes a way one thing that makes Smackdown different from Raw.Plus Smackdown is better taped than live in my opinion.The Superstars are preparing by being taped shows for whenever their live on PPV or Raw they could be ready.It's sort of training for the Smackdown Superstars

    BQ4:No,the Smackdown Team is already doing well.All they need now is to replace Matthews with Striker.

    BQ5:I wouldn't change it the name Raw just fits.

    BQ6:Armageddon,Bad Blood,Invasion,Judgement Day,Great American Bash,Vengeance and Cyber Sunday.There's more,but I can't remember....

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