21st Birthday in NYC! Help?

Hey Guys! So I'm turning 21 on Saturday, March 5th and I'm trying to make plans for me and my friends. My problem is, I'm one of the first to be legal in my group of friends. I wanted to go dancing and have drinks but I'd like my best friend to be included. Except, she doesn't turn 21 until September.

My original idea was to go to Pacha that night, but then I found out its 19+ on Fridays and 21+ on Saturday, the day of my birthday.

Any ideas where we can go in Manhattan (Besides Webster Hall).

Thank You!

Ps. Fake IDs are not an option.

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    2 things congrats and also remember this is New York City! There are many restaurants like Applebees or T.G.L Fridays.

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  • 9 years ago


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