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If I get married, will I lose insurance coverage under my dad?

I will be a full time college student, and under his insurance I would be covered until I am 26 as long as I stay in school. But if I get married, will that change? I am marrying a foreigner who is not allowed to be employed here (he is on a student visa), so he will have no insurance for me...

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    As of this past September Insurers are required to offer coverage until the "children" reach age 26.

    Student status is no longer an issue. Dependent status is not an issue. You don't have to be living at home. And yes, you can even be married.

    There are a few potential issues however:

    Your spouse is not eligible to be covered on dad's insurance.

    If you are employed and the employer offers health insurance you must go with the plan offered by the employer because under that circumstance you do not qualify to be on your dad's policy.

    If you are not currently on your dad's policy you may not qualify to be added back on until the anniversary or open enrollment period of his policy.

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    Not unless either you or your spouse have insurance available through your employment.

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    yes if you get married your be excluded from you parents insurance due to the fact that you know have a spouse.

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