Mileage on a used car?

I just want to know about how prices fluctuate when it comes to the mileage they have.

Say 2 cars are exactly the same in every way, but one has 60k miles and one has 50k miles, how much more expensive would the car with 50k be? I guess what I'm asking is, for every 10k miles less, about how much more do they add to the price?

You don't have to be incredibly specific so don't say you need to know what car it is or what prices they are to begin with, I just need approximations and opinions from people who have an idea.

Thank you.


What if the gap was a little bigger, say 65k and 30k? I would really prefer to get something around 10 to 40 so that I can make sure I'm the one to maintain it throughout it's life and can make sure it's properly taken care of. The more mileage it has to begin with, the bigger possibility it has of having problems early, having bigger problems, and just not lasting very long. But I don't want to pay like an extra 5 grand just to get the same model with decent mileage.

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    1 decade ago
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    a lot would depend on overall condition how much mot is on both cars and if they have a full service history, if in better condition the car with the most miles could be worth more

  • roger
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    1 decade ago

    when you look at pricing guides, there are some differences of opinion when it comes to low milegae. Generally. AND the price difference may play a part in what happens next, depending on what you want and what fits your needs and budget But frankly, from what you wrote, you spent way too much time obssessing about mileage. This is only one aspect. And a car that has been well cared for, will outshine a vehicle that has lower miles and was abused. Go by the physicall condition of the vehicle, and how it runs and drives

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    1 decade ago

    well that depends on a few factors. The reliability of those cars to run well at high mileage (GM 3.8 for example) you see them with over 100k and over 5 grand at used car dealers. Then you have the maintance issue. If someone took very good care of it and serviced it as required and has 50k more miles on it, it would bring more money then the same car with fewer miles but not taken care of. Then there is the value factor. some cars value depreciate substantially after a certain mileage has been reached but that value determination goes hand in hand with how well it was taken care of. Cheers

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    Would depend on the service schedule being there. If both have FSH then not alot of difference in price.

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