So my fiance and I are about to go and live out on our own?

We've planned and planned and re-planned and so fourth. Took a lot of thinking and debating, discussing, and god only knows what else. We've found a house and what not, we have our own cars, a kid on the way, and one side of the family that is showing the motive that they will help. Here's the thing. I am not sure exactly how much it will cost us to live on our own. Whether to just live at my place with my parents or try our best on our own. We have three dogs, I'll be working three jobs, (that's including air force reserves) and she will be working one job and going to college. Seems like a total packed life. But I'm worried we won't make it on our own. To be honest I'm pretty nervous. So what I'm asking is. Is there a site I could maybe go to and type in a bunch of info about our plans and what not and it pops out with a how much money we'll need to make to survive or can someone help me on here. I'm in desperate need of help. Anyone lend a hand?

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    There's no Ready-To-Serve site to provide you with info in this regard. You have to be the one, along with your partner to discuss & work our on it with a full proof solution before you step ahead...... Life is too tough, buddy!!

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    well you won't know until you try it, and leave the dogs where they are, because that will cut the costs, and make it easier and cheaper to find a place to live, and start out with a good house, a budget on the lights and gas, all utilites if you can, and i would say go easy at first with furnishings being hand me downs from family and friends or second hand shops and don't by into all the cable channels and extras that homeowners have that have been there awhile, keep basic food items, and visit families for meals, or have them help you with the food, because it's cheaper to buy in bulk, and split it then to buy singles..and i would say if your having a child and moving in together you might as well get married and reap all the benefits of claiming dependents and tax credits, and not to mention child support and medical costs being thrown at you for not being married..and if you have a simple ceremony, the wedding could bring in some extra cash and gifts..just a thought..

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