Is this FBI warning real or fake?

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I was browsing 4chan and this popped up, is it really an fbi warning or is it fake?
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*chuckles* It's fake. It's an animated GIF.

The first frame is what was shown on the 4chan thumbnail. The following/last frame, which shows up 1/30th of a second later, is the fake "FBI warning". You might have seen the original image flash by real fast when you opened it.

The FBI does not issue warnings like this, nor do they "forward your IP address to various law enforcement agencies". They ARE a law enforcement agency. They also do not screw up punctuation.

If you don't believe me, save that GIF off and open it with GIMP or an animated GIF editor. You'll see what I mean.

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I sure hope so, thank you all!
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  • E-ma answered 3 years ago
    It's fake & has been going on for years. Look at these other Y!A questions about the same thing from 2 years & 1 year ago.
    Also be careful about that your IP address may now be used to send you a scam e-mail from the FBI directing you to answer their questions now that they have supposedly tracked you using illegal websites.
    "FBI Warning: You Visit Illegal Websites" :
    If the FBI knew of an illegal website they'd either have closed it down or not warn you at all while they collect evidence for their investigations. And as far as investigative e-mails... they'd rather do face to face interviews where they can watch your body language in tune w/ your responses.
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  • Smarter Then You answered 3 years ago
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  • Paparoster answered 3 years ago
    probably is real...... but read the small print, ur not in trouble, ur just on a watchlist.... if it was an accident then you have nothing to worry about, if not ur a perv.
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  • Anti Censorship answered 3 years ago
    Thats real, I'm guessing your IP is now in the Federal database. They probably won't do anything now but if they notice a pattern then yeah you're gonna get a visit by some federal agents IE the police.
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  • . answered 3 years ago
    It's real...Wow, you are really in for it man... Good luck with court i feel so bad for you
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