Which AP's should I take?

I am eligible to take six AP's next year, my junior year. I can take AP USH, AP Calc BC, AP Stats, AP Chem, AP US Gov & Pol, and AP Lang & Comp.

Which should I take? All?

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    The most important AP's for West Point and the other service academies are AP Lang and Comp and AP Calc. Then AP Chem and AP USH. AP USH is usually taken Junior year but can be a demanding class requiring a lot of reading, writing and memorization. AP Govt and Pol is usually taken Senior year one semester with AP Macro- Econ the other semester since many Schools do not offer AP Micro Econ and Macro Econ and AP Govt and Pol are relevant classes to each other. Macro Econ looks at the big picture: GDP, taxes, govt spending, inflation, the Fed and Money Supply etc, the realm of government while Micro Econ considers such topics as demand and supply, utility, perfect and imperfect competition, elasticity of demand and supply, externalities etc more the realm of the individual and the firm in a capitalist system. AP Stats is usually taken by students who are not that sure of their math skills and do not want to take AP Calc. It is not a course that will give useful credit at a university since for instance most Econ Majors require a Statistics course that has Calculus as a prerequisite, and that Statistics course is introductory in nature. The Final exam or the AP Exam in the course should also be coordinated with a scheduled SAT Subject Exam for colleges that require them, such as an ivy league. The story that is going to be told in the application and essay should be an element considered with course selection so that it is an organic whole. In other words, it would not make much sense to claim that one wanted to go to Princeton because of their outstanding Math Dept because one's wish was to be a Mathematics Professor and then take AP Lang and Comp, AP USH and AP Gov & Pol junior year, and not taking the AP Subject Exam in Math rather than taking AP Calc, AP USH and SP Lang and Comp junior year, taking the AP Subject exam in Math and trying to take 2nd year College Calc Senior year at a nearby junior college/college if not offered at the high school. As far as West Point, a first year Cadet takes Calculus, Chemistry, English and US History Freshman year. That is the same 1st year curriculum at the Naval Academy. The 1st year curriculum, or if one wishes to be correct, the 4 degree curriculum, at the Air Force Academy substitutes Political Science for US History. AP USH is kind of prerequisite or at least very helpful for AP Govt and Pol, and as already stated is usually taken senior year with AP USH taken Junior year. Interestingly, although the 1st year curriculum at the Naval Academy is as stated above, the summer seminar application at the Naval Academy, which is the same as the Preliminary Application for students who do not apply for Summer Seminar, asks only to list grades in High School English, Math, Chemistry and Physics courses. Physics is generally taken during Sophomore year at the Service Academies. Also suggest asking around about which of these courses and instructors are most demanding. If for instance USH or AP Lang and Comp has a terrific reading load, ask the instructor for the reading list and get most of it done over the summer.

    Helpful to read Harvard's recommendations:


    Good Luck!

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