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Does Rachel Maddow have a stuttering problem?

I love Rachel and her show. I've watched it every week night for the past year. I pay alot of attention on her mannerisms. Such as her constant hand gesturing when she speaks and the facial expressions she makes alot. I have noticed that she very often stumbles on sentences and stutters on alot of her words. It's not like she stutters on every word like a person with a really bad speech problem, but she does it alot. I would say she does it about at least 20 times through out her live show each night. Does anyone know if she may have a mild stutter problem? By the way, im not asking your opinion about her, especially if it is a negative one. I am just curious about her stuttering situation.

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    I don't think she has a stuttering problem. Maybe she does stumble sometimes... I don't think she works with a teleprompter much of the time so she may get off track for a moment or two which can appear like a stutter. I think she is more spontaneous than some on-air people.

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    Just a thought... Several people I know, including myself, have difficultly getting all of our thoughts out, verbally, as fast as our brains presents them.

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