Can you guess how old I am- just by a description?

I have long brown hair, blue eyes, glasses. I'm getting contacts in the summer. I don't have a facebook, although my friends do and they want me to get one. I love to write and I'm obsessed with fanfiction, preferably Eli and Clare from Degrassi. My favorite show is Glee, and I'm obsessed with the Harry Potter series. I love the show Criminal Minds. I got a computer in late 2009, it's a netbook. I'm not very popular, but I have a few close friends and some not so close friends. A lot of girls in my grade wear a lot of makeup, but I only wear a little bit of eyeliner and I only recently started wearing it. My older brother is 19. I think that the most attractive celebrity is Munro Chambers, and he's not even that famous.

So how old am I?


I'm 5' 2" and a half and I weigh 110 pounds--that's healthy weight.

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