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Do republican voters realize they hate the middle class?

I'm totally serious - like lets take WI for example - what do you think the average salary of a public sector employee is there? Do you guys have some ungodly number in your head, and thus you believe they are overpaid and with bloated salaries? Or do you just hate middle class workers, and believe we should try to make sure as many people as possible are either really rich - or really poor.

(and i'm actually seriously curious, I've never seen a group like modern day republicans who seem to HATE the middle class so much....the answer by the way to the avg public sector salary in WI question is $35,472 a year)


@John Milton

So am I, so are teachers, so are firemen, so are police officers, so are postal workers, so are most average Americans - yet it has become the position of the GOP that the middle class is "bad" and the cause of all the problems in America. State budget shortfalls - its cause teachers getting 30K a year is "too much", all while they pass business tax cuts which cost the state millions of dollars a year. The gov of WI makes what almost 200K a year - but its a prison guard making 29K who's getting a 12% pay cut. I'm curious how the political right, not the politicians, but the people continue to support people who attack the middle class on a regular basis. It seems like you're voting against your own interests.

Update 2:

@Apathy Forever

The state employs a total of 379,539 people. Of those employees, 240,747 were full-time employees receiving a net pay of $998,312,248 per month and 138,792 were part-time employees paid $123,619,591 per month.

1,121,931,839 total per month divided by 379,539 = an average monthly take home pay of $2956 or over 12 months 35,472

You're numbers may include politicians or something I don't know but what are the numbers you are using?

Update 3:


I own a business - my business survives because I have customers. Crushing the middle class = fewer customers. I don't need a 3% tax cut, if that means I lose 1,000 customers because they are no longer employed, or because they take a 12% pay cut. It just seems extremely shortsighted. I just am shocked actual adults - who should have working brains would continue to vote against their own self interest so often.

Update 4:

@How would I know

Alot of rhetoric - very few facts. I own a business, I buy insurance - I support anything with a) gives me more options insurance wise, which health care reform does. b) prevents me from having to continue to pay for leeches, who such as yourself, choose not to buy insurance and thus pass your cost on the the rest of us. As for "destoryed the middle class" during this "death of the middle class" has union participation increased or decreased? The middle class has been on the decline since Reaganomics tricked you guys into putting short term tax cuts over long term economic health. During the "hey day of the middle class" did we have more/strong unions and people fighting for workers or fewer? Did we have higher business taxes or lower? You guys have this foolish idea that deregulation, suppressing a living wage is good for the economy - and I say go to mexico. Its GREAT for big business there, they don't waste a ton of money on police, on fire, on schools, they have f

Update 5:

@Apathy Forever

Do you have the raw data - I like numbers. I seriously doubt the state has increased average pay by 20,000 in a year. My numbers are based on census date - you gave me an uncited listing of numbers, I even went to the website they mention ( and I see nothing which backs up your numbers.

Update 6:

@Apathy Forever

It gives me more options, I tend to dislike leeches, so I don't support your decision. If you have lets say appendicitis, that's a 35K bill - even if you set up a payment plan, hospitals don't pay their doctors with IOUs, they can't pay their power bills with IOUs, your uncompensated care - drives up my premium costs.

So your choice to steal for me, I'm sorry you no longer have that choice - however since I buy and provide insurance to a staff, I not only receive additional tax credits BUT through the health insurance exchange I should have access to many more options than I'd have right now. That means more options for me, and I guess a push into being personally responsible for you - which in the longer run will give you more options as well.

Update 7:

@Apathy Forever

Did you read the .pdf its using the exact same numbers I'm using; I linked you to the raw data - do the math yourself. They claim to be using the raw census date, my link takes you to the raw data. I'm not sure, I'd have to read the entire study, as to how they got their average. I need to get back to work in a few so I'm not going to do it but you can

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  • justa
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    You know you are the only person I've ever seen here who actually knows what they are talking about and not just spouting off.

    It may have been a long question, but all your points bring out the facts, like your business credits for insurance, and the fact that without it, we all pay more.

    The thing about Wisconsin, is that they voted to reduce the deficit, which will mean cutting programs and people, but they thought it would be other people, or milder cuts spread out over a longer period, not a wham bang slam at the white middle class government worker, who wasn't really thinking they are the union thugs that the Republicans were talking about...those are like SEICU, janitors and things....not nice middle class white teachers and nurses. Now they find out that they are to be treated like thugs, denied their rights, not just asked to give up some money and contribute to pensions in hard times, but to give up their right to collective bargaining in the future, even if the economy turns around, they have to give up that right for all time.

    When the majority of people in the US make a decent living, that's when the country does well. When all the money is concentrated at the top, and the politicians act like the rich can't afford to pay more of a percentage, but the teachers can afford to lose a tenth of their income, you have to wonder..... what were they thinking?

    That being in for one term is a great way to go?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hello again, I am Apathy Forever returning from my suspension.

    How exactly am I stealing from you? I pay for my full cost of medical care out of my own pocket. I do have the means to pay that $35K bill that you used in your example. I had the means to pay for a $21K bill for a skin graft for 2nd and 3rd degree burns and a 2 week hospital stay. You see, I budget my money. I have my own health care savings account not tied to any insurance company. I do NOT use government funds. When I get a bill, I pay it IOUs, no financing, no payment plan; one payment in full. How is this stealing from you? How, exactly, am I a leech when I am more independent than most by not being tied to the government or an insurance company? I don't take money from others except in the form of a paycheck which I earned.

    The problem is, you haven't met anyone like me so you don't know how to handle my situation of using responsibility and independence to live rather than dependency on government, insurance companies, charities, or other handouts to pay for my needs. Why should I be punished for wanting to live a free independent lifestyle?

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  • 9 years ago

    Where do you get your information from? You're either wrong, dishonest, or both.

    $53,703 Average salary for a Wisconsin state employee.

    $71,000 Average total compensation for a state employee

    $45,521 Average salary for Wisconsin local government employee

    $60,017 Average total compensation for local government employee

    Besides, most of the middle class is NOT union. You libs and your class warfare. That's a page right out of Karl Marx.

    Actually, in 2010, the governor salary in Wisconsin was $137,092. A far cry from $200K.

    Your numbers are old. My numbers are from 2010:

    And please tell me where you get this 12% pay cut from. There is no pay cut. Oh, you probably mean that they'll have to put a few of their overpaid dollars toward health insurance premiums and pensions. Too freaking bad. The rest of the middle class has been doing that for decades. Most of the remaining non-union middle class have no pension.

    You claim health reform gave us more options for insurance? How so? It is taking away the option I have chosen which is to not buy insurance and pay for my medical costs out of pocket.

    You like numbers but apparently not the research.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The problem is that, given your clear hatred of the middle class, you don't have a lot of credibility here.

    You support policies and leaders who have destroyed millions of middle class jobs and devestated their families.

    You support taking billions of dollars out of the pockets of middle class workers to feed the greed and corruption of unions.

    You support "Obamacare" which, on average, is expected to increase the insurance premiums of middle class workers by up to 30% this year, and if they spend too much, which given the increases far too many will, they'll get taxed on top of it. Of course, union workers are specifically exempt from all of that.

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  • Civlvr
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    They don't hate anybody, they're self-interested. Republicans support business, because they are business owners. Republicans believe in protecting their own interests, while Democrats believe in spreading the wealth.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    We are the middle class.

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  • 9 years ago

    not the voters - the politicians they were fooled into electing.

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