Have prices of goods and services really changed all that much? Can you blame Obama?

You can still buy a gallon of gas with a quarter. It just has to be a 1964 quarter with 40% silver in it.

Why is it when you measure prices in hard currency and not paper they remain the relatively the same?


No. I am arguing that prices havent changed just the value of our money. And it isnt because of Obama.

Update 2:

@Constitution rules. I sold 10 of them today for 35 dollars. 35/10=$3.5

They are worth more than a dollar. Silver is at 32 an ounce.

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    So you're actually trying to argue that fiat currency hasn't really destroyed the value of our dollar because Obama is in office? What a shill.

  • A 1964 silver quarter is only worth about a dollar you need more than three of them. In the last two years the price of a gallon of gas is up by $1 that's about 50% higher. That will increase the cost of every good that takes some sort of transportation.

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