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Fashion for big thighs and small chest? Help!?

I'm 5'3" and I weigh 120 lbs. I have obese fat thighs and amazingly small boobs. My body is extremely disproportioned (in a bad way). I have problems with finding the right styles and fashion to try and conceal those fat thighs. Also I am on a huge diet, so I just need the right clothes for now until I reach my goal of 95 lbs. Sadly, I live in Asia, a place where the average young woman's thighs do not touch. I have discarded almost half of my closet because of clothes that makes me look fat, so I need new wardrobe- ASAP!

Anyone please help? It may not seem "fat" but compared to other girls, I feel like Mrs. Big-Thighs. I haven't worn shorts since I was in elementary school. How do I conceal the Big Thighs and distract people from my amazingly Small Boobs?

Thanks! :)

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    Minidress! Or go knee-length if thats the coverage you need. Like these styles:

    Don't worry about the boobs (I am very small up top myself); go natural. Wear really low cut tops or even backless, that big-chested girls can't wear. Most men far prefer small and natural (epecially braless) over big and padded and unnatural.

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    For me, the big thigh thing has haunted me since high school. It is more likely that you will lose breast mass when you shed the weight (Yup, been there and done that) However, It has been my experience that the proportions of the body are very difficult to alter through diet - even when I was underweight my thighs were still the most prominent part of my body and they still touched! In the meantime work with your figure not against it. Some large chested women wish they could wear things that suit small chested women (do a search like "I wish I could wear that but my breasts are too large" or "tops that suit small breasted women"). Large thighs can make you look feminine or curvy - you can opt for tailored skirts or skirts that flare just below your thighs.

    When I finally realized that the only thing left to change about me was my attitude I was most envied by my friends for being able to attract some of the guys that they all admired - that's right, self acceptance with a touch of confidence goes a long way! And remember the fashion and media industries should not dictate what is acceptable and what is not.

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  • 9 years ago

    ohmygodd same!

    first of all , try to do more cardio , then do thigh exercises for the thigh problem

    like try this , im working on them too haha

    once you fix that up some, you can open up a lot of options

    dont worry about the boobs . try a push up bra but other than that it seriously isnt a problem (:

    good luck girl !

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  • 9 years ago

    a nice pair of skinnys to show of that big but then where some sexy black heals where a cute belt that not to flashy then where a cute glittery shirt but make sure you wear the most stuffed bra you have then throw on a cute coat or sweater make sure to show of your face the most so the focuse can be on your face not anywhere else like nice glittery makeup and a nice pair of big earings and a blingy necklace hope it will help. :)

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  • 9 years ago

    your can try wearing Bermuda shorts. there long than the regular shorts. Wear a shirt that has some type of details on it. Try a shirt that has some beading around the collar of the shirt or a shirt with ruffles

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