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I have a steam question?

Steam kinda like PSN, or Xbox 360 BUT THIS FOR PC!!! okay My questions is what games work on steam Im into Halo 1 and would like to know if I buy it will it work on steam? I searched steam and nothing came up for halo. Or is there a Microsoft version of steam? I thought Steam is Microsoft?!?!?! I'm confused!

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    first, steam is not Microsoft

    second, you can add non steam games to steam, like halo, you can add them to steam by going into steam then at the Games on top left, when pressed, you will see "Add a non steam game to my library", this features allows you to put games like halo to your game list so your friends on steam can see it. From what I have experienced, I don't think you can "buy" halo on steam, you can buy a retail then add it to steam with the add non steam game feature.

    Source(s): My experience with Steam
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  • 9 years ago

    Steam is not made by Microsoft and Halo is not yet available on Steam but it might be available in the future.

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