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why do people always assume that the conflict between lebanon and israel is religious?

everyone says its between muslims and jews. The media is so retarded. First of all its not about religion. Its about 2 governments having conflicts with each other. WHy drag religion into it and say its between jews and muslims? Its so wrong because first of all, Lebanon is NOT a muslim country. Second of all, Lebanon has MANY lebanese JEWS. There are MANY religions in lebanon adn it does not go by islamic law because there are many official religions there. The south is pretty much muslim (but that doesnt mean that they are religious and dont break the islamic laws- drinking, sex, etc.), the north is pretty much christian and beirut is very diverse and even looks like a european city and was even rated as the sin city of the middle east. Its been rated as the best party capital to visit by the new york times because of the strip clubs and nightlife it has. Beirut is also one of the world's gay capitals that is visited by many european and gay western tourists. Does that sound islamic to you?? I dont think so!! Why does the media do that? its crazy!!!

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    “Lebanon is NOT a muslim country”.

    60% of the Lebanese are Muslims. And Hezbollah, the religious Muslim terrorist group, controls the government

    “Second of all, Lebanon has MANY lebanese JEWS”.

    30, to be exact. I understand that for many Arabs, even one Jew is too much, but in my opinion, the Jewish population of 30 souls is not enough proof for denying the religious nature of the conflict.

    “There are MANY religions in Lebanon”

    Actually, there are two: Islam and Christianity. Together, they make 99% of the population of Lebanon.

    Bars, restaurants, alcohol, prostitution, strip clubs…I can find all this even in such “Islamic” country as Iran, where 80% of the adult population drink wine. . Muslims are extremely hypocritical and in their relations with the non-Muslims they act by the principle “Do not what I do, but what I tell you to do”.

    In order to stop your somewhat incoherent “explanation”, I just ask you to answer a simple question. Why did Lebanon participate in all the wars Arabs started against Israel? What for did Lebanese go to fight – and die – in Israel?

    To gain the land? Nonsense, Israel is too small and Lebanon is too weak to hope that Egypt or Syria will give Lebanon something if they destroy Israel.

    To help “ the Palestinians”? Again nonsense; you hate and despise them and for 50 years keep them like beasts in the refugee camps compared to which the refugee camps in Israel are the resorts of the French Riviera, and you also kill them mercilessly if they only try to raise their voice, like you did very recently in Nahr al Bared.

    So, non - religious reasons for participating in the war are out.

    And what is left?

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    Well, to be technical, it's a bunch of Muslims fighting a bunch of Jews. Mostly. Since they are two groups, religion can be seen as a difference.

    But, I agree: The overall conflict is not about religion.

    Lebanon isn't a Muslim country; but, it's a Muslim majority country. Also, define MANY: I know I'm incurring the wrath of Nabil here, but it does not seem like anyone really knows how many Jews remain in Lebanon. However, many agree that the far majority has fled, and the average age of a Lebanese Jew is somewhere between 60-80.

    Israel is called the Jewish country, but 20-something % of it's citizens aren't Jewish in any regard. 16% are Muslim, I believe. Just pointing that out.

    Also, Israel has a lot of drinking, sex, and clubs. I don't know at what level it is in Lebanon, but it wouldn't surprise me if Israelis party harder. A lot of the country looks just as European.

    I do have to criticize your glorification on gay life in Lebanon. It's still illegal. Beirut is not one of the world's gay capitals: Maybe for the Arab world, but it's generally agreed that Tel Aviv, where you can actually be out and not fear arrest for such, is the gay capital of the Middle East.

    The reason people think it's religious is because for one thing it involves Israel, the Jewish state. Of course, not everyone realizes that the Israelis can be just as, if not more, secular than the Lebanese you paint. But, on the Lebanese side, you have Hezbollah as the main force of Lebanon. Hezbollah, if I'm not mistaken, is pretty religious, so there is that. The name means Party of G-d, right? That's religious.

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    In my humble opinion the conflict between Lebanon and Israel is due to the zionist entity's desire to posses the waters of the Litani river. Their water is running out and the groundwater aquifers are polluted and their agriculture is going to suffer without some way of getting more water. Water is more precious than oil in this region and there is a "peak water" situation going on. The Litani discharges discharges approximately 580 million cubic meters into the Mediterranean enough water to satisfy Israels need, If they made peace with Lebanon the Lebanese might even let them have some.

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    Its so wrong because first of all, Lebanon is NOT a muslim country."

    Technically this is true since there is a very large Christian minority. However, the majority are Christian.

    "Second of all, Lebanon has MANY lebanese JEWS. "

    So, how many are there then?

    You say the "media is retarded". That being the case, can you then point to any legitimate media news article that gets this issue wrong as you characterize it?

    While I admit there are numerous things the media DOES get wrong about all kinds of things (whether Middle East related or not) I think you would be better served by giving actual examples and giving a thoughtful critique instead of a blanket statement that they are "retarded". It makes you sound like a teenager.


    Nabil wrote: "when you go to Lebanon on Shabbat and see for yourself how many Lebanese Jews there really are then you could talk on the mean time Wikipedia which is written by virtually any body is an unreliable source to say the least."

    So, seriously, since you are the resident expert Lebanese Jew here, tell us exactly how many Lebanese Jews live in Lebanon currently? (And if you can source your answer, that would be better.)

    Though I am curious... You seem to imply that there are many Jews in attendance in synagogues on Shabbat, but if that is the case, then does that not imply that you also go to a synagogue on Shabbat? That being the case, can you try to answer my question about whether you are a religious Jew or not?

    (Also, if you do go to a synagogue, I wonder what the rabbi there would think of your statement that "Judaism is the most racist/prejudiced religion"?)


    Nabil wrote: "He said Judaism is the most divided religion known to mankind. So as you see it didn’t come from me"

    Well, actually there is a difference between "diversity of opinions" and "most racist/prejudiced". One is simply a statement that there are "many opinions" (which, on the face of it is a neutral statement) and the other is an anti Judaism biased statement on your part.

    So, again, this flows into another question: "I wonder what your rabbi would think of your misinterpretation of his statement "Judaism is the most divided religion" which you morphed into "Judaism is the most racist/prejudiced religion""?.

    Oh, and BTW, if this rabbi really honestly meant "Judaism is the most racist/prejudiced religion" then he doesn't retain the right to call himself a "rabbi" in my opinion.

    Quite interestingly, I noticed you STILL didn't answer my basic questions.

    I asked if you were a religious Jew. You didn't answer that.

    I asked how many Jews were actually in Lebanon. You didn't answer that.

    Oh, and one last question:

    According to your post in which it says at the bottom, "Edited 2 days ago" the actual timestamp on it is Feb. 19th 1:32 AM GMT. That means no matter where you currently are in the world, that specific time was the Sabbath (whether in Canada where I am or Europe or Lebanon for that matter).

    That being the case, it seems to me that you are using a computer on Shabbat.

    So, I will ask you: In light of the fact that for religious Jews using a computer on Shabbat (or Shabbos as I call it) is a violation thereof, does that therefore not mean that you are NOT a religious Jew? (Also, wondering what your rabbi thinks of your violation of Shabbos as well.)

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes, especially considering almost half of Lebanon is Christian.

    I think people say that because that makes it more interesting than another political conflict. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all used to live there side by side, and religion wasn't an issue then, so I wouldn't assume it would be one now (not for the governments and most people, anyways)

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    Actually it is religious, you see it's us the Lebanese Christians, Muslims and Jews against the Atheists Zionists, and all the religions in Lebanon are more united than ever for a common cause, to defend ourselves against the Atheist Zionists ( you do know that Zionism in actually atheism expressed in a very deceiving way don't you?)

    @ S B alias Cher alias Dandy etc. etc, etc, when you go to Lebanon on Shabbat and see for yourself how many Lebanese Jews there really are then you could talk on the mean time Wikipedia which is written by virtually any body is an unreliable source to say the least.

    BTW you are an Atheist

    @Simple Simon so I'm an Iran Muslim you pinhead, you don't even live here you in reality have nothing to say because it's it's none of your business, I only tolerate you because you make Zionists look worst than they already do, get a realty check.when you say you learned everything you need to learn about Arabs in Y/A that shows me the level of intelligence that you have

    @S B Rabbi Avraham Cohen and you are and alias ans atheist since you assume so many identities

    @S B That's the name of the man I'm not going to invent a name just to make you happy, besides now it's your chance to put it in the wikipedia, so others can see it does that make you happy?

    @BMCR I once asked the Rabbi why are there so many differences of opinions between Jews, after all Muslims don’t have so many differences when it comes to their religion?

    He said Judaism is the most divided religion known to mankind. So as you see it didn’t come from me

    Source(s): I'm a Lebnese Jew
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    The conflict is not new, it's part of the longer and larger Arab-Israeli conflict. In 1948, five Arab nations, including Lebanon, invaded Israel in a futile attempt to prevent the rebirth of the Jewish nation on land that the Arabs felt belonged to them.As a result of this Palsetinian guerrillas formed a terrorist war against Israel. Their attacks on Israeli targets prompted and prompts retaliation on the host nations of Jordan and Lebanon. Palsetinian power became so great in Jordan, that a civil war was fought in 1970, resulting in the expulsion of Palsetinian forces from that nation. At this point, the Palsetinian resistance moved to Lebanon, a small nation located on Israel's northern border.

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    Israeli fanatics believe that Lebanon is part of Biblical Israel. So i guess no one is safe in Lebanon as long as Israel exist there. Israel didn't care about Christian population of Palestine in 1948 after all! Here:

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    4 years ago

    12 minutes. It's George Bush's fault.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Because in 1948, when Israel was given the charter to become a nation, the MUSLIM STATES made a declaration that they were going to PUSH THE JEWS INTO THE SEA.

    Kinda how it all started.

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