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movies like joy ride and breakdown??

i want to see thriller/suspence movies like joy ride and breakdown just suppose someone is going on a road trip and something terrible happens with them so i want to see that kind of films.I've seen joy ride 1 & 2,jeepers creepers 1& 2,texas chainsaw series,hills have eyes 1 & 2,wrong turn series,cabin fever so don't recommand me these movies!!!!!!!!!

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    I think you should watch vacancy 1 and 2 then friday the 13th,wolf creek,the hitcher and if you really like suspence films then please watch what lies beneath,phone booth and the others it won't let down your expectation!!!!!!!!

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    If you haven't seen the orignal The Hitcher with Rutger Hauer, C.Thomas Howell and Jennifer Jason Leigh, its a must.


    Rest Stop (and its sequels)

    Also Aussie movie Wolf Creek is really good.

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