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Do you watch American Idol?

Is it me or do they have more talent this year??

Last year I didn't watch it at all, it didn't attract me..

Who won last year?

But i'm excited for this year.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Last year, Lee 'No Neck' DeWyze won. He was a guy with nothing unique who played guitar. And was white. Since he is 100% interchangeable with every other Caucasian Male w/ guitar, he's pretty much vanished the night after.

    I agree with you 200% -- this season is full of awesome people. I can't wait for the Live rounds. It's exciting, the judges are doing awesome, and anyone who is awesome is still around (except for Emily Ann Reed who was totally cut and I screamed like mad at the TV: NOOOO!!!!).

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