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Does Mira Hair oil make hair grow faster?

I heard about this stuff called Mira Hair Oil that is supposed to make hair grow faster...have you ever had experience with it?

Should I try that or just buy some clip in hair extentions?

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    Yes oils like that can make your hair grow faster. Faster is perhaps the wrong word, it can make it grow as fast as nature intended for you. Which is pretty fast. Most of us have slow growing hair for many reasons including: poor diet, poor health and using too much heat on your hair and scalp

    There are internal and external growth aids. And oils like Mira hair oil are the very few that actually work. It has herbs like Hibiscus and Eclipta Alba. If you put those names on google you would be amazed as how effective they are at growing hair. The problem is how you can know if the oils you are using have enough of these herbs and in the right concentrations. Mira is expensive and I have used it and I can tell you it packs a punch with these herbs

    Before using Mira, I tried several hair oils many from India. And they pale in comparison. Plus Mira has no smell or color unlike the rest. This allows me to wear it every day without being noticed

    Also I have used almost very oil in the book: including natural oils like Jojoba, extra Virgin Olive Oil, and virgin Coconut oil. almond oil. As well as shear butter oil. Now they are all good but they will not make your hair grow faster. Ayurveda or Indian oils on the other hand. Can grow hair faster as well as stop thinning hair. As I mentioned I tried a few and only Mira seemed to increased hair growth. Other good herbs to have included aloe Vera and henna but they need to be use din the right amounts or they can be dangerous. Henna for example can cause problems if used in the wrong amounts

    And that is why I feel safe using a commercial hair growth oil as opposed to making it myself

    Mira hair oil is also light and will not clog your hair pores. A quick massage and the oil penetrate the scalp. In the end you will have to do your own research and learn for yourself which oils are best for you. My advice is do not use any base oil on your scalp it is a waste of time unless it is one of those Indian hair oil blends (Like Mira) which do increase hair growth and help hair grow faster.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Does Mira Hair oil make hair grow faster?

    I heard about this stuff called Mira Hair Oil that is supposed to make hair grow faster...have you ever had experience with it?

    Should I try that or just buy some clip in hair extentions?

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    Mira Oil

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    How Does Mira Hair Oil Work?

    Suitable for each men and women (while this product is far more popular amongst females), all it's important to do is pour a little bit oil on your hand and massage it in to the hair and scalp. The entire process need to in truth take no more than just a couple of minutes, while analysis has shown that scalp massage might help protect against hair loss so don’t be afraid to commit a bit time on this. The components in Mira Hair Oil raise blood circulation for the hair follicles, cleaning the pores, and inhibiting the production of DHT (higher levels of Dihydrotestosterone are amont the principle causes of hair loss). It might effectively cease hair loss and stimulate the rapidly growth of new and healthful hair, and in contrast to a lot of hair solutions obtainable (particularly these designed to cease hair loss), it consists of no harmful chemical compounds and doesn’t bring about any side effects.

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    Mira hair oil is an all natural oil treatment exclusively used for revitalizing the health of your hair. This oil’s recipe is 5000 years old. It works by seeping into the scalp naturally, and then detoxifying the blood while also cleaning and unplugging the pores. Another important thing is that Mira also inhibits the production of DHT, which is a male hormone whose presence in the blood stream can stop hair growth and cause hair breakage. Because all the ingredients found in this oil has a low pH level, it will neutralize the effects of hard water (water with high mineral content).

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    Mira hair oil has Really helped my hair. No more dandruff and it feels thicker. I get about an inch per month. A lot of growth and made my hair beautiful and strong!

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    Hair loss affects both men and women. Here are some natural remedies that can help boost hair growth: While genetics plays a role, there are other factors, including: hormonal imbalances, an underactive thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient scalp circulation.

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    This depends on your genes, Mira hair oil can help hair grow healthy and therefore faster but it will only grow as fast as your hair genes will allow. Most of us are suffering from stunted hair growth; Mira hair oil will free hair follicles and unclog hair pores to allow for faster and healthy hair growth. It will also send blood to the scalp and allow for healthier hair growth

    t works of men and women of color and your type of hair. This is perfect for your hair in that it helps retain moisture and also promotes long healthy hair growth, it will also stop breakages, frizz, damaged hair- average hair growth is 1/2-3/4 inch a month , this oil contains herbs that stimulate hair growth and prolong the Anagen (growth) phase of hair growth.

    The oil is all natural and will not have side effects, if you stop using it you will retains the gains in hair growth. The oil works by cleaning the scalp, stimulating natural blood flow and then stimulating hair growth.

    To read what others saying about this hair oil, visit the official site

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    Yes, in fact mira hair oil is a great product. It helps your hair grow very long and healthy. The only problem is getting it from an official seller. If not you could risk getting scammed. A official website is

    Give it a try and after two weeks you`ll feel a lot better.

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    -if you can, wash hair every other day or every two days-it just depends how oily your hair gets.

    -leave conditioner on for 10 minutes at least and don't put it on roots.

    -drink lots of water and eat a lot of protein such as meat and peanut butter cause your hair is made from protein.

    -always use a leave in conditioner for split ends.

    -trim hair once a month since split ends stops hair growth.

    -use heat protection every time.

    To get more information to have a healthy hair, learn more here:

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