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What do canadians think of the american nhl teams?

since hockey's much more popular up there, but is THEIR sport do they like american teams? or mostly just the canadian ones?

like will you see red wings logos in saskatchewan?

i've noticed here in the usa you'll see many football and baseball teams being supported in any location but with hockey being less popular people just care about the closest team

is hockey like that in canada?


i live in florida. i have only ever seen Tampa bay being supported where i live but not too many people care about the nhl here. my family likes hockey and several teams.

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    They are good....I support the Ducks and Sharks.....and well I'm from Windsor but I hate the Wings really much huh

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    I live relatively close to the boarder, not far from Toronto and there are tons of Wings advertisements around my city saying things like "Your game, our ice" and "For real hockey go West, young fan" (as opposed to the Leafs).

    I personally don't care, but I know a few Leafs fans that get ticked off at billboards like that. My favourite team is an American team. Everyone here wants to see a Canadian team win the Cup, and I think that would be great, but the way I see it is every team has Canadian players on it. But I have nothing against American teams or players.

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    I live in Saskatchewan and as a life long hockey fan I have no problem with American based teams as they are mostly stocked with Canadian talent anyways.

    People here tend to like a variety of teams. Often it has to do with a local player signing with an NHL team (for example, it was impossible for me not to become an Islanders fan when hometown hero Clark Gillies signed with them).

    The real sore spot with Canadian hockey fans seems to be the Phoenix Coyotes debacle and to some extent, the situations in Atlanta and Nashville. It seems absurd that the league fights to keep franchises in locations where it is painfully obvious that the populous is completely indifferent to the sport while Canadian markets such as Quebec City, Winnipeg and Hamilton, who are starved for an NHL franchise, repeatedly have the door slammed in their faces by the NHL.

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    I notice in calgary there are tons of red wings and avalanche fans. Generally people don't care too much if a team is american or canadian (the canucks are hated here by almost everyone even though they are canadian) so I really don't think it matters that much. It's not like the NHL is about being patriotic like the olympics would be. And most american teams are loaded with canadian players anyway.

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    I'm an American. I live in a border town in Michigan. I visit Canada all the time. I have dated many Canadian women (I was even engaged to one for the longest time). Anyway, it's very common to see Red Wings jerseys there. The Canadian neighbor city to Detroit is Windsor. They are huge Wings fans there.

    I have traveled all over Canada and have seen just about every jersey known to mankind.

    It's the same in America. You'll see Canadian jerseys. My favorite team is the Wings, but my second favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens.

    As for Tampa, well the Wings are playing there right now and more than half the arena is supporting Detroit. My friend Matt lived down there for awhile and used to go to Lightning games. He said he used to pay $5.00 for upper bowl seats. But when Detroit came to town they'd charge $10.00 a seat.

    Edit: if you are watching the game, the octopus got thrown out on the ice.

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    Hello there! Having been born and raised in Montreal, the Canadiens has and will always be my team.Red Wings logos, in Saskatchewan?..why not that is home to one of, if not their greatest Gordie Howe.I live in Toronto now and have seen many different American team jerseys around. If Montreal wasn't my favourite team it would Detroit. I am also a fan of the original six, so in terms of the U.S. that would include the Red Wings, Bruins,Blackhawks and Rangers.Having said this good hockey is good hockey for me regardless of where the team is located.

  • The Canadian teams dominate (for obvious reasons). Among the US teams, the four US-based Original Six teams all have a decent pocket of support, and other teams that came about in the 1967 Expansion all have some level of support.

    You will see a few people adopt the hometown kid who goes to an NHL team...a lot of people in Cole Harbour are now PIT fans (and some young kids nationwide) because of Crosby, a few pockets of fans in their respective hometowns follow Tavares and Stamkos (tend to skew young- I live in Markham (Stamkos' hometown) so I have seen more than a couple kids wearing TBL sweaters or wearing #91 on their minor hockey teams.

    Plus, people move but maintain loyalties.

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    I can only speak for Toronto and the GTA, and there are four types of hockey fans in Toronto:

    (1) Leafs fans

    (2) Fans who hate the Leafs and became Sens fans out of protest

    (3) Fans who moved to the area from elsewhere and still support their "home" team


    (4) Douchebags

    The first two often don't like American teams, but usually not any more than they hate the other Canadian teams. The third group might like an American team if they came from an area in or near the States, and the fourth group are douchebags, so who cares?

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    I like most American teams more than I like the other Canadian teams. I love the Canucks, but can't stand the Leafs, Flames and Oilers, and don't mind the Canadiens and Senators. The only US team I dislike at the same level is the Wild.

    Most American teams have fans in Vancouver. At any Canucks game you'll see some visiting sweaters. Original Six teams have the largest followings, but others have their fans as well.

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    Weeelll, I live in Canada. And yea Caps are my favourite team. I know people who like the Red Wings, Pens, Avalanche and Bruins.

    Yeah you'd probably see a Red Wings jersey anywhere lol.

    But, yeah my grandps lives in BC and loves the Rangers.

    I guess it all depends on who your family or friends cheer for. Like my best friend cheers for the Pens, but only because I like the Capitals.

    I don't really know any American hockey fans :P but I it'd be the same as in Canada. You cheer for whoever you want, no matter how far away they are.

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    I'm from Winnipeg and I'm a Pittsburgh fan, and actually the other day I noticed three people wearing Pittsburgh swag. However, as I am half french-canadian, I do have a place in my heart for the Habs. However, if we did get a franchise, I would get pretty torn and they would probably become my favourite team.

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