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How can i get adrenaline pumping?

I'm 13 and starting my 7th season of football. I love this game and would give up everything for it. It's a way of life for me. In fact, I'm one of the best youth players in Nevada (I've even played in a All-Star game against Snoop Dogg's youth all-star team). I have one flaw though.

I don't play aggressive enough.

Yes, i a hard hitter but that extra amount of anger and energy would definantly make me go from hitting people to oblitering them.

Now my question is, what are some pre-practice or pre-game things i can do to get my adrenaline pumping? Or what can i do to make me really insane, I'm talking like playing out of my mind.

I've played like this a few times. For example i had a killer game after my gf broke up with me. When my mom told me to "**** off". And when all my friends told me i sucked.

I've tried to simulate those moments on the field but it just doesn't work.

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    Go to your little Pediatrician, tell him your allergic to bee stings then he would give your Mommy a prescription, go to Walgreen's pick up the prescription which is a injection, that injection contains "Adrenalin". You know rest.....

    Inject yourself before the game (you might get a heart attack)

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    Yeah, same here. I'm an Avs fan too, I just lost a bet so I have to have a Wings logo :( I love it when the Avs play the Red Wings, Canucks or Flames. Those games are always going to be awesome! I look forward to those games most. Also, I like watching the Penguins play the Flyers, this has really turned into quite the rivalry. All the games so far this season have been very exciting. ~ You know, NBC is going to show the Penguins/Flyers game this Sunday. It's going to be a great game, I know it. These teams hate each other. I would suggest that you watch it, if you're not busy. Those teams don't dissapoint.

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    Watch any Rocky movie in the montage scenes where he's working out. Start jogging frequently. Invest in a punching bag. Crank some asskicking music. Then put on a cheesy Chuck Norris action flick from the 80's. It all adds up to one explosve football player.

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    Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy

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    My Adrenaline Is Pumping

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    Watch some Brian Dawkins speeches on YouTube, he'll inspire you better than anyone else. Lot of heart in his speeches. Not kidding, you should check it out.

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    toughest question today.whatever u do dont do no drugs cause they make u insane in time,well probabally think the other mans talking shiz about your mom or messing with your girl.just give it your all and think about how good it fells to knock the shiz out of someone,and do it over and over.goodluck next season.

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    Your gf? Those links Castro put up are questions where you said you were gay. Haw, haw.

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    "I love this game and would give up everything for it. It's a way of life for me." Get real. You should get a life.

    "In fact, I'm one of the best youth players in Nevada" LMAO!

    A REAL football player doesn't have to "get up" for a game. LMAO!;_ylt=AoESO...;_ylt=AuoMf...


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