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Why do liberals constantly complain about Fox News, when it is obvious to conservatives that CBS, NBC, CNN,?

MSNBC, ABC etc. all have a liberal bias? When Obama was running, it was like he was god in the vast majority of the media.

The reason you don't see this is because you share that bias (as I share the conservative bias). Yet to you Fox News is the only biased network? Please explain. Some studies have shown that Fox News is trusted more overall then these other networks. If they need to change to become unbiased, don't all of these news sources need to change? Is it even possible to get news from a truly unbiased source? If not, then we are all just picking a side in choosing a news source, yet liberals have to push their agenda against Fox, just like in everything else. You can barely read 10 questions on here without some liberal complaining about Fox News.……


Chewy- maybe its just on YA, but there are no conservatives constantly complaining about these other networks, but fox constantly comes up. THAT'S MY WHOLE POINT!

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    Liberals Have NO tolerance with people that have a different opinion then them

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    Why do conservatives get to constantly complain about CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. but liberals can't complain about Fox News? The only network that comes close to running with their bias as much as Fox News is MSNBC. Just because you see a slight bias in several networks does not mean one network with very heavy bias in the opposite direction should be immune from criticism.

    Most studies have shown that Fox News is the least factually accurate.

    Edit: Funny, I don't see Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, Mark Levine, Bill Cunningham, Michelle Bachmann, or countless other conservatives posting in Y!A.

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    Whatever. The dirty little secret of conservative media is that the average age of conservative talk radio listeners is 67 and rising, and the average age of the Fox News audience is in its mid-60s. So no need for the left to get wound up; Father Time will settle this matter for the remaining huge majority of Americans.

    What sort of continuing power do conservative hate mongers have as their audience strokes out?

    As for the networks you cite: CNN is not biased. NBC is, I'll give you that, but nowhere NEAR as much as Fox, which only gets away with it because there is no moderate conservative station. If there were, conservative media would be an actual threat to the left.

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    Fox is biased. MSNBC is biased. They both play off of biases and fear.

    The rest stick with a sexy and/or scary story (ie, Obama in 2008, the Tea Party in 2010, etc.) and runs with it, giving crazy people on both sides all the airtime, convincing viewers these are the only two valid viewpoints: far-left and far-right.

    The media just sucks. Fox happens to be the worst of the worst.

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    This has been proven to be true time and time again. I used to have some respect for CNN, but they are completely on the left side of the aisle. Check the CNN reporter in Egypt digging around trying to get some type of Pro-Obama sentiment from the protesters earlier this week. Its obvious to anyone with any kind of honest opinion.

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    All media outlets have a bias; but not all of them make things up. Fox News is unique in this respect.

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    To the first answer. I'm 16 and follow Fox.

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    Reality has a liberal bias.

    Fox 'news' has an idiotic bias.

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    Liberals have a right to their own opinion. I should know,I am one.

    Conservatives want the rich to get richer.

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    Place the cup containing Kool-Aid down and step away from the table.

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