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Why do liberals constantly complain about Fox News, when it is obvious to conservatives that CBS, NBC, CNN,?

MSNBC, ABC etc. all have a liberal bias? When Obama was running, it was like he was god in the vast majority of the media.

The reason you don't see this is because you share that bias. Yet to you Fox News is the only bias network? Please explain. Studies have shown that Fox is trusted MORE then these other networks. If Fox News needs to change to become unbiased, don't all of these news sources need to change? Is it even possible to get news from a truly unbiased source? If not, then we are all just picking a side in choosing a news source.

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    One of the greatest tricks of the far right, as opposed to moderate conservatives, was to label the media as liberal. The media is mainstream, at best. It is owned by very conservative corporations. They report whatever will make them money through ratings and circulation. Fox just goes farther than the others with denying reality and facts. Fox is laughing all the way to the bank with their wealthy elite commentators such as beck, limbaugh, and o'reilly.

    The media is big business that makes money off of us, and like a football team, they have divided and created strange loyalty to certain networks. It's a great strategy that works for them.

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    Obvious-shmobvious. I think what you call 'obvious liberal bias' to conservatives is actually a lack of conservative bias. The PROOF that Fox News is extremely biased to the right can be seen in the video linked to below. Where is similar evidence that any of the other networks you mention are biased AT ALL???

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    Just had this argument the other day. Discussing politics and when Fox was mentioned, Lib says, oh that's not credible, Fox news lies, I have seen the reports, I will show them to you. HAHAHAHAHA, the 2 reports were from the liberal left, calling the right liars. WOW, the ignorance of the left knows no bounds.

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    they're all biased. fox is the most trust because it's the only conservative mainstream news station so all of the conservatives trust it. the liberals have multiple news stations to choose from so their trust gets split.

    the media is all corrupt.

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