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Do we know about this here on the U.S., or is Lara Logan an unknown here?

This article is really extensive and it talks at length about Lara Logan's personal situation with husband and his wife, to whom he was still married though separated when Logan met him. This article, which also explains about how her husband's first wife overdosing because she felt Lara Logan was "stealing" her husband from her_according to her own husband's words. I mean it shows that this person is extremely well known in other parts of the world. But, aside from the assault by Egyptian men, what else do we know about her, or is just a fixture of international newscast somewhere else other than the U.S.?

Reason I ask is because I seem to have heard she was living in New York, and because I saw the amount of time CNN dedicated to her problem in Egypt, and it makes me wonder who does she report for in world news? And also, because I doubt U.S. news outlets would employ someone with such personal problems. It's just the way U.S. acts most of the time anyway.

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    1 decade ago
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    I found some more information about the assault (copied from an Arab website) here:

  • 1 decade ago

    She was in Iraq when I was here...I still am here but she's not. She was banging a few dudes in the Green Zone...doesn't know how to separate "work" from pleasure.

    All swimsuit models gotta break into real jobs somehow, right?

    I'm just jealous I wasn't the contractor she was banging. That Joe Burkett guy is a tool that would never score a broad like that back home...was just in the right place at the right time the bastard!

    Source(s): Iraq 2005, 2008-Present Saw Lara around...laughed as she was critical of the war in Iraq yet spread her legs for us evil contractors;)
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