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How did Hitler's men kill people?

What methods did he/ his men use to kill people?

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    All kinds.







    It all depended on the situation. An SS officer may shoot somebody, but a spy would use something quieter. Gas was used in the death camps.

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    In the beginning they mostly shot and hung them. When they designed the final solution they built gas chambers and crematoria. This allowed them to kill large numbers of people at once and then dispose of the bodies.

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    wrong assumption. Hitler's men did not kill anybody. Hitler merely wanted to unite old Germany when England and France attacked Germany. Hitler wanted to regain German corridor (under polish possession) lost under the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, that cut off East Prussia from the rest of Germany. Had England and France not attacked Germany there would have been no WW2. It was because of England the aggressor that so many died.

    Holocaust is myth.

    Proof 1; Google images or archives new York Times every year since 1900, oops you will notice that NYT has been reporting exactly 6 million Jewish Holocaust every year, year after year since 1900.





    Proof 2 To capture 6 million, feed them protect them from allied bombing you need to have an equally large number of army. Germany was at a war. It needed all its men at fronts. 6 million Jews and six million spare army men means they could have additional resources of 12 million army and they could have easily defeated Russia and consequently allies. They would not spare precious resources to protect Jews.

    Proof 3; Prisoners liberated from camps. it means Jews were alive and being fed. You don’t take prisoners and keep them in camps only to kill them and if they were killed who was liberated.

    Proof 4; photographs. In none of the photographs are the victims religion identified. in none of the photos, the number of persons exceed 100. There are not 6,00,000 different photos doing the round.

    Proof 5; As per western / US/ Russian Historians there were also millions of eye witnesses watching 6 million Jews being killed. There were also millions of photographs/ photographers and millions of documents writers since there are 47 million documents, millions also escaped. Millions were survivors, so approx 100 million were involved in recording evidence of 6 million Jewish Holocaust. After deducting 100 million eye witnesses, document writers, photographers etc none is left to fight WW 2 which became mythical.

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    Hmmm, every conceivable way

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