Can anyone Identify some expert systems and decide what data they contain that make them 'Expert'?

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  • 10 years ago
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    An "expert system" isn't "expert" because of the data they contain; rather, an "expert system" (which I have used in the past) is a program that attempts to provide answers to questions, or attempts to clarify uncertainties.

    The data that is entered is used to narrow down the question, such as the children's animal guessing game that builds a knowledge base for future questions. It is only as accurate as the information given it.

    For instance, "is this a mammal?" (yes or no) will help to classify the animal.

    "Does this animal fly?" (yes or no) will further classify the animal and narrow it down.

    When sufficient information is supplied to pinpoint the exact animal, then the knowledge base is complete for THIS particular animal.

    Many AI programs are built on this concept of "expert systems", and is limited only by the question/answers provided to begin with.

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