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African Grey parrot breeding?

My friend has a male Afro-Grey parrot for 16 years and not long ago bought a female around the same age but probably less.

Will they lay eggs?

How long will that take?

How many eggs could we expect in a year?

How can we make them happier to breed faster!

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    Your birds are old enough to breed, so it is possible that the pair will produce. Are they bonded? First you will need to make sure they are getting proper nutrition. They will need a nest box. A grandfather clock style nest box works well for most Greys. Their aviary should be roomy enough for flight and the back of the flight near the nest box should be darker then the rest of the flight. Place two perches near the box. One next to the box so they can easily go in and out of the nest and the other about a foot in front of it. This makes the nest area seem safer to the birds. The perches should be or varying sizes and some should be large and secure so that they do not wobble. This will provide them with secure footing when they copulate. Provide them with enrichment, toys to play with. Breeders need enrichment too, it reduces stress. Exercise is very important if you want fertile healthy birds and chicks. It is especially important that the hen exercises, as this helps prevent egg binding and death.

    They have clutches of three to five eggs. How many time a year they lay will depend on how you handle the eggs and babies.

    The best way to get them to breed and to breed as quickly as possible is to provide them with healthy foods and environment. You appear to be in a rush and you should know that Grey's tend to be nervous breeders. If they do not have their privacy they are unlikely to breed. If there are any activities in the area that make them nervous, they will not breed.

    I bred Greys from several years and I do not consider myself an expert on the species and I am very knowledgeable about Greys. To acquire the knowledge or advice of a true expert on breeding Greys I suggest you look to Jean Pattison, known as the African Queen. She is an expert in African parrots.

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    African Greys are very not basic to reproduce. they are very shy and private while mated. Even the main loving puppy will become bonded to its mate and is now not your puppy. in case you desire a puppy parrot, purchase an handfed toddler and bond with it. in case you desire to enhance a toddler then purchase any ole mature poultry and dedicate a room of your place or completely quiet secluded portion of your returned backyard to breeding. yet plan to speculate it sluggish and attempt because of the fact those birds are not chickens while it includes nesting. do somewhat learn and are available to a variety which path you desire to circulate.

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