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Is it true anorexics eat junk food but only a little?

No disrespect to any anorexics, just want to ask a question..I remember someone telling me that apparantly alot of anorexic people eat junk food all day but they only eat very very small portions and then they exorcise it off for hours, is that true?

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    The only one here who knows what she's talking about is Kate.

    People with anorexia OBVIOUSLY eat, they're disordered, not stupid. They realize that not eating WILL kill you, they just have unreal ideas about what is enough.

    Some anorexic people DO eat a small amount of junk food. If a person is allowing themselves 300 calories a day, they might eat a candy bar and some salad or something.

    It depends on the person. If they have purging type anorexia, they might eat quite a pit of junk food but then exercise it off or vomit/use laxatives.

    In fact, a lot of people with anorexia actually have "junk food addictions," that is to say that they constantly have cravings for chocolate and chips etc and if they eat some, they punish themselves for being bad by fasting.

    People with anorexia are actually in love with food. Some are afraid of losing control by eating too much, so that's why they don't eat, because they feel like they over eat and that it will make them fat.

    Source(s): I've had an eating disorder.
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    To the first poster - it's idiotic to say anorexics never eat. If that was true, they would die within a month or so but many people suffer with anorexia for years. People who are anorexic just eat starvation amounts of food, and some even binge and purge but not enough or weigh too little to be considered bulimic

    To the person who asked the question, some anorexics eat junk food but small amounts, some exercise excessively, some only eat healthy foods and never exercise. Not every single person who is anorexic does the same things. When I was anorexic, I'd eat about 200-300 calories a day of mostly low calorie foods and exercise about 10-12 hours a week. I've recovered though.

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    No, anorexia (which is a mental illness - I've been there) isn't like that. You quite simple come very very close to starving yourself. You tend to eat very little, much of it of low nutritional value. Oddly after a while the constant hunger pangs become pleasurable making it easier. You can't exercise, you simple don't have the energy, meaning you end up as saggy skin and bone, but with the mistaken belief that if you just keep going you are going to look great - which of course doesn't happen. All sorts of odd things start to happen to your body, none of them good or healthy.

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    no, because people who are anorexic don't eat anything whatsoever. you're probably thinking bulimic.

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    Yeah what A.C said

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