Principal is forcing me to stay at the school?

I've been attending this school for 3 years and I never liked it, I hardly learn anything here and I don't get along with the people in my class either which is making it hard for me to wake up and go to school. Recently I haven't been going to school lately, making it clear to my parents that I would like to transfer schools and if not possible, be home schooled just for the remainder of the year. Turns out my principal of last year is the new principal of the only other school in my area and asked me why I wanted to transfer etc... and so he called my school and talked to them but he said it wasn't possible & I have to talk to my current school. And so I did but the principal did not want to give me the forms, she said how much my classmates would miss me and how its hard to transfer in the middle of the year and for me to stay at this school and not giving me a choice. Then I brought up being home schooled and she said it wouldn't be a good idea since being home schooled is only good for people in high school (I'm in my eighth grade). Now the principal thinks I have anxiety/depression and I need to be on medication and I refuse to since she knows nothing about depression or anxiety. What can I do? I really want to be home school and she won't let me, she refuses to take me out of the school even with my parents who have already talked to her but now my parents are thinking that being home schooled is a bad choice after what shes said.

Shes also calling me and meeting up with me at my home talking about how I have anxiety and going to school would be best for me and now saying if I don't go to school she will come to my house and pick me up (like thats going to do any good to my "anxiety")


I don't have anxiety. She can't diagnose me with no medical background.

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    10 years ago
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    Your principal cannot force you to stay at that particular school. As for home school, we love it! Home school can start from Pre-school all the way through high school and then some. I don't know what state you're in, but there are plenty of online homeschooling options. My cousin's kids use one called K12 or K-12, something like that. They're an online home-school, so they are nation wide. If I knew about home-school back in the day, I'd have wanted to go to school that way. On another note, our kids are social, very intelligent, and they get to pursue a lot of extra curricular hobbies, as long as they've finished their work. We meet up with other homeschooling families and have field trips, or just plan a trip by ourselves with our friends. Everything has potential to be a learning opportunity.

    I hope you find what you're looking for.

  • Kerry
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    10 years ago

    It sounds like the principal cares about you and wants the best for you.If you sought help for your anxiety then you might feel better about school.If you stay home you will get into a rut.

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