I am trying to find the perfect mother/son song for my wedding?

Okay so my fiance and I are getting married in September and I am trying to get our songs together. His mother has not been there for him pretty much his whole life, she is now. So I am trying to find a good mother/son song for their dance that isnt pretty much saying "i watched you grow up blah blah blah" because she didnt (he was put into foster care so it is a sensitive subject). And I dont want his feelings to be hurt...I dont know what to dooo!!! HELP!

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    10 years ago
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    "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack doesn't focus on the watching you grow up stuff you want to avoid. (The YouTube video is below) But it does say many things a parent would or should wish for their child even if they did miss a lot of time together. I congratulate you both for doing a dance for him and his Mom because many would just opt to skip it. You say she is in his life now and maybe that's where the focus should be like you said, not on the past but on the future. Good luck!

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    Here are some songs that could work

    I wish you love me: Natalie Cole

    Anytime you need a friend: Mariah Carey

    Beautiful Boy: Celine Dion

    Have I told you lately I love you: Rod Steward

    Sunrise/Sunset from fiddle on the roof

    You are so beautiful by Joe Cocker

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    I don't know if this would be right for them or not. It doesn't talk about his childhood days but it is from a mom to her son. With their situation they both need to agree on the words & see what's right for their relationship.

    I’ll Always Be Your Mother

    This is a special day

    When two are joined as one

    I love my new daughter

    I’ll always love you son

    Care for each other

    Be faithful till the end

    Follow what’s in your heart

    May you always stay best friends

    It’s the start of your new life

    As husband & wife

    Hope the good days outshine the bad

    May laughter brighten the sad

    Know I’m here for you

    To help or just talk to

    Believe in each other

    I’ll always be your mother

    The day will be here soon

    When you’ll have Kids to love

    God will watch over you

    From heaven up above

    Pray for patience & wisdom

    To give your kids your best

    You’ll teach them right from wrong

    They’ll bring you happiness

    I’ll always be your mother, it completes my life

    My tears are filled with love, for you & your new wife

    You are a caring son, I’ll forever be proud of

    Cherish your new bride, we can always share your love

    It’s the start of your new life

    Believe in each other

    I’ll always be your mother

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    my husband used you are so beautiful by joe cocker

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