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Going to take AP Calculus senior year?

I'm going to take AP Calculus senior year i've taken AP classes before. is AP Calc going to be anymore of a challenge than Pre-Calc Honors & Algebra II/Trig Honors?

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    It depends which AP Calculus you decide to take. AP Calculus BC and AB are very different. I would highly recommend at least taking AP Calculus AB if you have done well in Pre-Calculus Honors. The concepts presented in AP Calc AB will require some getting used to if you have never seen the before but with practice and studying you should do fine.

    AP Calculus BC on the otherhand is a little more intense. I say that because of my personal experience. You learn Series which gives many students trouble.

    So I definately suggest that you challenge yourself because that is what colleges like to see on applications. Don't take the easy way out but at the same time you should know your own limits and you want to make sure that you enjoy your senior year as well.

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    YEAH!! haha. girl, am taking it right now but am like used to it, but in the beginning as a freshie to calc, I SUCKED major:/ oh, you'll do just fine. it won't to try it out first and see how you like it right? :)

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