Help with a "dream sequence...?"?

Not that it matters, but this is for fanfiction. What would be a good dream for someone who's jealous of someone else? If a guy likes a girl, and she's hanging out with this other dude, and he's jealous, what would be a good dream sequence? I'm trying to not make it very obvious, like I don't want him to dream of them kissing or something.

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    Relate it to some childhood event that he was and maybe still is jealous about.

    For instance, if he was jealous that his brother got all his dad's attention growing up..then have the dream start out this way (almost as a flash back), but then his brother transforms into her and his dad transforms into the guy he's jealous of.

    Or if there is an upcoming event like a school dance, have him dream of being on the dance floor, walking to her (maybe she's alone)..but then when he reaches her the other guy appears out of no where.

    Or have him give her something only to see that the other guy already gave it to her and she doesn't even notice his gesture..too caught up in him and his gift. etc.

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    In the dream, you can have the girl and the other dude teasing and saying how she likes to hang out with him better than the other.

    Are the girl and the guy friends? Because if they are, you can just make the girl be a bitchy and selfish with the other dude.

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    You should have them hanging out with the person (that their jealous of) maybe they have an accident or something...Just a thought

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