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Child visitation rights if tax fraud is committed?

Is child custody effected if you commit tax fraud?

My brother's ex-fiance "apparently" states that she reported him to the IRS for reasons being that my brother claims 2 kids from mexico to bring in some extra money and to also help the family out because they need money as well.

I know there are penalties, but he's worried that if she did report him and the IRS comes after him, it will some how affect his visitation and time with his new born son (aka, he could be put in jail, not have enough money to provide in child support.)

What would happen if anyone is familiar with this situation.

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    If he's in jail, then there likely would not be much visitation. Does he have two children in Mexico that he supports? Though child support paid on US children is not tax deductible, international cases are treated differently, so he needs to be talking to an account.



    Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents





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    It not the charge of tax fraud that is going to cause him not to see his kids it will be the fact that he is a felon and in jail after he is convicted. The IRS does not look kindly on the claim of fraud as a way to bring in extra money.

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    No. contained in the adventure that they really have a incapacity and are gathering a incapacity ascertain, than they don't look to be committing fraud. climate she has 2 people living mutually mutually with her would not impact her incapacity ascertain. My father and mom make a mixed $200k a three hundred and sixty 5 days, and my father continues to be able to convey mutually a incapacity ascertain because of an harm he has.

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