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Fantasy featherweight fight. Willie Pep vs Alexis Arguello. Who wins?

15 rounds

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    I'd take Pep. Pep went 62-0 before his first loss and only lost one of his first 136. In my opinion he is right up there with the p4p greats. Watching films of his fights I am always dazzled by his footwork, he moved with the grace and speed of a dancer, his movement and defense seemed effortless, and nearly all of his filmed fights are of a past prime Pep, so imagine what he was like at his absolute best! Pep wasn't a KO artist, although he did KO 65 of his opponents, but he was defensively one of the best. It was said he once won a round without throwing a punch, this is disputed but the fact that boxing fans would even entertain such a story show how good he was. In 1947 Pep was involved in a plane crash and broke nearly every bone in his body, he was told he would never box again but regained the featherweight title and fought for another 18 years.

    Arguello too was great, he lost only eight of 90 fights, many of them at the tail end of his career, he was a big puncher with a great fighting heart and he defeated such men as Ruben Olivares, Jim Watt, Cornelius Boza-Edwards, Ray Mancini, Bobby Chacon, Alfredo Escelera, Ernesto Marcel etc. However I think although he would give Pep a tough fight Pep would win with his great boxing skills.

    Pep UD15.

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    Willie Pep would easily outpoint Alexis Arguello. Arguello's greatest weakess is that he was as close to a lightweight Joe Louis as one could be. Both had very similar styles. Like Louis, Arguello had a very tight style. He wasted very few punches and he was one of history's most "Correct" boxers. Also like Louis, Arguello had virtually NO foot work.

    Pep would fight Arguello in much the same way Billy Conn fought Louis. Pep wins a close decision, losing some rounds simply because he is too defensive. He would never seriously hurt Arguello.

    Pep wins a close one in a rematch but Arguello learns something.

    The more they fight, the closer Arguello comes to figuring out a pattern. He gets it right in #3 and knocks Pep out in 11.

    But, if you're talking just one fight, Pep wins this one easily.

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    Willie Pep would outbox Alexis Arguello an win a UD thats my opinion

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    Great would be match-up! Willie Pep was one of the best pure boxers of any era. Arguello could bang, but I give the edge to Willie Pep!

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  • I am Joshua Mbngo Dmbungo TONGUE-CLICK Jnr. Jnr.

    Arguello, great though he was, didn't fair well against boxers. Pepp was a master boxer and even beat the powerpunching Sandy Saddler. Once. Pepp by UD.


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