Im using Nokia 5233.With wat software can i recover the deleted videos from my memory card..?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    asoftech data recovery

    you need to take out the memory card and then connect it computer using a card reader.

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  • sword
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    I seems that your workflow isn't as much as par. do we are anticipating which you place all your photographs on one, single card as a replace of many smaller ones? do we additionally anticipate which you probably did no longer place your reminiscence card right into a card reader and reproduction all your photographs from the cardboard to your pc yet relied on your digicam to a million) no longer shutdown in the direction of the flow of your photographs to the pc or 2) had the batteries fail in the direction of the flow? except you have already formatted or deleted all your image data, they're nevertheless there. you purely ought to apply your pc skills and use the record supervisor and a card reader to repeat all your image data to your pc. while you're transforming into a record examine errors, some or all your photographs are transforming into corrupted and you will could desire to purchase a picture restoration software. till then, do no longer use that card back till you have recovered all your photographs. purchase a clean card, format it utilising the format function of your digicam and use it till you could recuperate the photographs out of your previous card. Lexar sells a restoration software for purely $35 and you are going to be able to acquire it and get to paintings, in case you have a card reader.

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