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any potential to model how to improve looks?

hi im 13 im 5 6 and 100 pounds i have dark brown hair and green eyes heres some pictures of me my mom totally supports th idea and im totally flexible to cut my hair die etc im going to make a Portfolio of professional photos also here i am flip threw my phtobucket pictures number 21 to 28 are old

also if you know any good agencies to get started in the business thats not scams it would be helpful thanks a ton

im getting wonderful grades and id always keep my studies first so please look through my pics

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    Since you are just getting started, and at 15 you would have to meet adult standards, I would wait until you are 15. There really is almost no paid work for 13-14 year olds anyway (sorry, but true). And no work you do as a teen or child model will help you get work as an adult (15+) model. You will have to be 5' 9" and 34-25-34. Your face is already good enough (it really doesn't matter much; its almost all about having the clothes fit your body properly).

    One note: DO NOT put together a "portfolio of professional photos." A portfolio is ONLY for work that you have been paid to do, not pictures you paid someone to take of you. No agency will look at at those types of pictures, and they will not be happy if you ask them to.

    What agencies want is very simple (and they all want the same thing). Six pictures; three full-body and three face. The full body shots should be front, side and rear views, in a bikini, no posing and no distracting background. For your face, they want front, side, and 3/4 views, hair up, little or no make up, and no posing.

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    ok your 13 you've 5 years before you could start any way and convinced you're able to yet dont difficulty about it till your 18, i don't think of you're able to positioned photos of your self on the internet if you're purely 13 only be careful

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    10 years ago

    get hair sye

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