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Where can i study Islam in Dubai?

I am currently living in Dubai and I want to study Islam as i am thinking about converting but first need to know more about it. All I am finding are universities and colleges but I dont need a degree program just the knowledge. Thank you.

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    I think you really should learn it yourself and practice it. Live the life of a Muslim before contacting any Muslims. You can then do it with out any pressure. It will give you the confidence to convert without others and the substance to stay as a Muslim.

    I have come across people who "tried out" Islam, didn't like it and realised how good their lives were before hand. No offence to Muslim people. =).

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    There are quite a few islamic centers and mosques that offer classes & weekly lectures that both Muslims and non muslims can attend. Plus, there's the opportunity to meet other converts.



    3) Al Hikmah center in Shj - 06-5245888

    4) Markaz Al-Huda (Qusais/Tawar)

    5) The Department of Islamic Affairs

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    Congratulations on the best decision of your life.

    There is an Islamic Book store in Bin Souqat Centre,Rashidia.They may have books on Islam in English.

    Contact Jumeira Mosque admins


    There is tons of info online as well.

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    look for islamic centres across dubai and they will help u to learn about islam .

    or better to talk to the IMAM of the nearest mosque and he will guide u

    knowledge is always good even if u dotn intend to convert .

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    try asking in a mosque

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