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SLMAX asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 decade ago

Can anybody help me to find what kind of a protection does IATA provides to the consumer ?

Can anybody help me to find what kind of a protection does IATA provides to the consumer ?

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    No. While IATA provides many standards and recommended practices it does not regulate its members in any way. That task is left to government and civil aviation authorities.

    Here are some FAQ's regarding consumer right.

    Can IATA help me with my airline/airport complaint?

    While IATA serves the airline industry, it is not a regulatory body, and cannot intervene in service disputes or other commercial matters involving airlines or agents and their customers. For any issue, consumers should approach the respective airline or agent directly. You will find their contacts on their respective websites.

    Is that my only option?

    Consumers who wish to escalate an issue related to aviation can contact the Civil Aviation Authorities of the country in which the airline is registered. Directory of Civil Aviation Authorities.

    Where do I find information on Passenger Rights and Legislation?

    Much of this information can be located in two documents. First is the Montreal Convention. It is a treaty, adopted by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 1999 that defines the liability of airlines in cases of accidents, injuries and loss of baggage.

    In Europe additional legislation exists in the form of the European Commission Regulation on Denied Boarding, Cancellations and Delays.

    Are there consumer organisations that I can contact?

    Yes there are several. The following organisations can provide advice on how to proceed with travel complaints:

    -UK Air Transport Users Council and Association of British Travel Agents

    -Switzerland Office de Médiation en Suisse

    -USA Aviation Consumer Protection Division

    -Canada Canadian Transportation Agency

    - International International Airline Passengers Association

    Are there rules for persons with reduced mobility that airlines should follow?

    Yes there are. IATA and its members have a resolution in place that lays out service standards for passengers with reduced mobility on journeys involving 2 or more airlines (interline journeys). The resolution specifies how airlines should communicate passenger special needs and what services should be provided on the ground and in flight. It requires that airlines have special equipment made available when necessary, calls for priority boarding to be offered and for airlines to ensure that passengers with special needs receive individual briefings on safety procedures, aircraft layouts and specialised equipment available on board. It also provides a general requirement for passengers with reduced mobility to be attended throughout the entirety of an airport transfer.

    For more information regarding baggage, ticketing, security and safety visit the source URL of IATA which I have provided.

    I hope it helps. Cheers!

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