What is the name of the Texas law regarding things protruding from the side of your car?

There is a law in Texas that states that nothing can stick out of the side of your car farther than your side mirrors. For example if you want to put big mudding tires on a truck you can as long as they don't stick out past the mirrors.

What is the name of this law? A link to it would be great.

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    I couldn't find any such law.

    Vehicle laws are in the Transportation Code:






    The two chapters I mention above do not even have the word mirror in them when I searched.

    Although I don't remember the exact statute, I do know that you are required to have a red flag on any load that extends more than four feet from the rear of the vehicle.

    Look in the Transportation Code if you have any questions regarding vehicle and traffic laws.

    Title 7, Vehicles and Traffic, begins at chapter 501.

    Most laws regarding operation and movement of vehicles is in chapter 545.

    Vehicle Equipment is covered in chapter 547.


    I found width restrictions in chapter 621

    I hope you appreciate the amount of time and effort I am putting in, to find the correct information.

    Sec. 621.201. MAXIMUM WIDTH.

    (a) The total width of a vehicle operated on a public highway other than a vehicle to which Subsection (b) applies, including a load on the vehicle but excluding any safety device determined by the United States Department of Transportation or the Texas Department of Public Safety to be necessary for the safe and efficient operation of motor vehicles of that type, may not be greater than 102 inches.

    (b) The total width of a passenger vehicle and its load may not be greater than eight feet. This subsection does not apply to a motor bus or trolley bus operated exclusively in the territory of a municipality, in suburbs contiguous to the municipality, or in the county in which the municipality is located.

    (c) A passenger vehicle may not carry a load extending more than three inches beyond the left side line of its fenders or more than six inches beyond the right side line of its fenders.

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    I don't know about Texas but quite a few states have laws that limit protrusions from a passenger vehicle. The wording in the links might help you find the Texas regulation.

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