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Why do Muslims in Egypt think it's ok to rape non Muslim women like CBS News Woman Reporter Laura Logan was?

Now this isn't just an isolated thing. Military women supporting Desert Storm & the Somalia conflict from Egyptian areas have been assaulted. Muslim men don't see it as a crime because they don't see non Muslims as really human or deserving of any rights. Like live stock. But talk about a Muslim woman even dating a non Muslim man & they are ready to kill over it, literally.

They have had problems with Muslim men raping non Muslim women around the world, but the liberal media just ignores it & doesn't run the stories. Especially in Australia they ignored several rapes, really ugly assaults, until some Australians started going after some Muslim men who were acting badly toward Australian Women ... then they took forever to even mention what it was about.

Is this kind of Mulitculturalist idiocy driven media political correctness a real problem in identifying and so dealing with some of the serious problems with Muslim's Religious based views that non Muslims are infidels & not worthy of the respect due human beings? What would people think of all this if the Progressive media honestly reported these very real & very common situations?


Pluto C Rat ... Reading the whole Koran is an eye opener. They like to hide behind the areas on how to treat people. The only problem is non Muslims are defined as NOT people. The entire Koran is seen as the perfect word of Allah, so the song and dance about conflicting passages is a lie. When you read the parts about how to treat Muslims then read the parts about how to treat non Muslims (infidels) then you understand. Not one part of the Koran is in conflict when you understand it.

Update 2:

Alucard 2 ... bullshit, it was right in the middle of the square where all of the protesting was taking place and involved hundreds of men who were all around the incident & none tried to stop it. There are a few Christians, but most of them had quit protesting because the Muslim Brotherhood & Egypt's entitled group had been fighting. The Christians have a completely different view, they don't approve of treating people as live stock if they are a different religion. Muslims have rape & slavery of infidels as doctrine in the Koran. It's what they are taught. Try reading it.

If it were in a dark ally with a particular group of men who are thugs? Fine, ok, but that kind of thing will happen to a non Muslim woman who gets cut off from her protection. It's a very serious problem with Muslim men all over the world.

Update 3:

Pluto C Rat ... Your understanding speaks for itself. I don't have to guess at your understanding of the Koran, assuming you're not lying about what you know. That's commanded in the Koran as well. Spelling it with a Q is great if you want to aim for pretension, eye roll, but the Arab Alphabet doesn't exactly correlate, so there is no correct spelling in English, it's basically phonetic. Koran is more practical.

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    You've said it, they are taught that it's fine & the liberal media covers up so many incidents up all over the world rather than reporting honestly because they are actually told not to report these things. They also don't report many ugly crimes committed by black people against White people like home invasions where the families are tortured horribly & to death & women & even children are raped brutally.

    The first step is to understand the problem, but the Progressive media doesn't want us to understand the problem, they feed us full of crap & keep us in the dark like mushrooms. If Laura Logan wasn't a reporter you wouldn't hear about this, but a group of Muslim men in the open public thought it was ok to just rape her & beat her right out in the square while celebrating Mubarak's stepping down. That should tell us something.

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    A good starting place might be to implant every legal citizen with a microchip tracker which could show exactly where they were at a given time and, without which it would be impossible to gain access to benefits, healthcare, schooling. Very easy to do and wouldn't be a problem for those with nothing to hide. Anyone found without one would be deported.

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    It gets worse, much worse. To show their appreciation for being given asylum in Finland, some Sudanese men have began performing fistula on their gang rape victims with scissors. If that practice alone doesn't warrant their extermination from the face of the earth I don't know what ever will.

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    A British politician recently spoke publicly about how muslim men are targeting non muslim women for rape. It's not talked about by the media because these scumbags are brown and wear rags on their head.

    • Umang4 years agoReport

      Not because they are brown, but to prevent discrimination on the basis of religion.

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    I heard in a news report some also do this terrible thing to muslim women who don't wear the head scarf.

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    Rape,mistreatment and any form harm done to another is prohibited in Islam.So it is not true to say the muslim as a whole tolerated or even encouraged such act in Egypt.there are over 60million muslims in Egypt and all of them cannot have done what you said.In the like manner when the American kill hundreds of thousand of muslim and children in many parts of the world I don't believe the American populations as a whole supported this.? Do you? If so why? The instances you said happen has been over exploited by the enemies of Islam.


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    I think your wrong on one issue, they see no problem with raping muslim women too, I think they just call it foreplay.

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    just because they're egyptians doesn't automatically make them muslims. we don't know who did it. there are christians and seculars too.

    more than likely they were just thugs.

    and yes, muslim women suffer from those same rapes, because a thug is a thug, whether in the middle east or anywhere in the world.


    again, if you can prove those who did it are islamic, you will have a point. as of now we don't know who did it. by the way, how many rapes took place there?, was laura logan the only western woman there? they knew she was a reporter, didn't they? and she was covering their protests; you think they were gonna hurt her just for being westerner and hurt their cause?

    prove that it wasn't thugs who did it, and i'll believe you.

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    They're animals that should be put down

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    "Muslim men don't see it as a crime because they don't see non Muslims as really human or deserving of any rights."

    Duh, wow. I'm learning from you like I never could from any source material.

    @Either you're as condescending as h@ll or my potential "understanding" does not exist. In any case, keep up the assumptions that I have never been exposed to the Qur'an -- much less foreign (or any including your) culture.

    You're a jewel. I'll remember this experience.

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