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Who were the worst Yankee signings/trades over the last decade?

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    Jeff Weaver (2002) - Jeff Weaver went 12-12 with a 5.35 ERA over his year plus with the Yankees. No real injury issues, no personal or off the field distractions, Weaver just didn't perform.

    Yankee price: John-Ford Griffin, Jason Arnold, and Ted Lilly, plus $~5 million in contract.

    Kevin Brown (2004) - Went 10-6 record with a 4.09 ERA, before breaking his left hand punching a wall in a hissy-fit. He returned in the ALDS, and pitched well enough, but was drummed in his ALCS appearances. 2 games, 0-1, 3.1 IP, 8 ER, 21.60 ERA. He failed to comeback in 2005.

    Yankee price: Jeff Weaver, Yhency Brazobán, Brandon Weeden, and $2.6 million in cash, and the $30 million due from Kevin Brown's LA contract.

    Esteban Loiza (2004) - The Yankees were no longer enamored with Jose Contreras... so instead of having their pitching coach improve Contreras' delivery, they traded him for Estiban Loiza. After a career year for the White Sox, Loiza went 1-2 with an 8.50 ERA in 6 starts (10 games overall).

    Yankee price: Jose Contreras (and his stats for the White Sox), some cash (I couldn't find how much), plus $4 million in contact.

    Carl Pavano (2005) - Carl Pavano missed all of 2006, and most of the other three years he played while under contract for the Yankees. His total numbers were (in 26 games) 9-8, 5.00 ERA.

    Yankee price: 4 Years, $40 million.

    Kei Igawa (2007) - For anyone who thinks that Hideki Irabu was the worst Yankees pitcher signing, or biggest Yankee bust, I present to you: Kei Igawa. He spent all of a month on the Yankees 2007 roation, then was demoted to AAA. He failed to make the team in 2008, but was called up as an injury replacement. He was still dismal, so the waived him. Career stats: 2-4, 6.66 ERA in 16 games (13 starts).

    Yankee price: $26 Million for signing rights, 5-year $20 million contract.

    At $23 million per win, Kei Igawa is the worst Yankee signing to date.

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    Without a doubt, Carl Pavano was the worse player for the Yankees the past decade. In 4 years in New york, he won only 9 games. What's worse is that Pavano was paid 40 million by the organization and the team got nothing to show for it.

    He was hated by teammates and fans. They questioned his heart and willing to play through pain. I remember he was placed on the 15 day disabled list for a butt strain. I'm not kidding. Come on now. Even Derek Jeter questioned whether this was a legitimate injury.

    Even when he was really hurt, it was his fault to begin with. Remember in 2006, he crashed the Porsche and broke his ribs. Ughhh.... stupid. Defiintely a Yankee bust.

    Glad he is doing good with the Twins now.

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    the 1st 2 people did a extraordinarily good interest itemizing the undesirable signings, and there is not any longer plenty i will upload... I basically choose to declare Wow. I in no way found out what share undesirable contracts the Yankees have given out recently! that is basically mind-blowing that they have plenty funds they might discover the money for to spend almost $50 million ($26 million in posting expenses and $20 million in gross sales) on a participant who contributes actually no longer something - and nonetheless contend! If yet another team, say, the Royals or Indians, made a deal like that, it would desire to break the club for a good 3 or 4 years. however the Yankees, unlike different communities, can discover the money for to take stupid disadvantages like that. are you able to think of how good the Yankees could be in the event that they mixed their endless materials with smart determination-making?

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    Essentially Austin Jackson for Curtis Granderson could be a big bite in the *** for the Yankees. We've seen the best out of Granderson, Jackson's ceiling is sky high.

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    1. Kevin Brown

    2. Carl Pavano

    3. AJ Burnett

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    Carl Pavano

    Kevin Brown

    Jeff Weaver

    Jaret Wright

    Alot, lets just leave it at that

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