PeopleSoft Carrer as Developer For a Fresher is Good For Future or Not?

I have recentyl Joined in a company as a fresher and we have been assigned to training for PeopleSoft Technology. Now i want to know wheather this technology will be demand for future.or

i will be resaled at the market ? or not ?

if i need to go for any job change wheather there will be scope for me or not ?

Suggest me any Good Options or alternatives ..

Comments Will be appericiated.

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  • 10 years ago
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    In 2003, Oracle began it's take over of PeopleSoft which was finally completed in 2005.

    Oracle vowed to keep PeopleSoft alive. But for how long?

    I'm surprised it still exists as a separate package. It does not get the development dollars that the Oracle ERP gets. And I think Oracle is on the path to eliminate the PeopleSoft package.

    If this is where you have been assigned, it will give you the experience of working with a large ERP package. You should be learning skills that will be transferable to Oracle ERP or another system (probably not SAP).

    Maybe in a few years you will get reassigned and it will work out great.

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