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what do you think about my situation?

My mom is the most miserable, overbearing ***** you will ever meet. She is a horrible person. She just finds ways to make my life miserable more and more each day. I am 16 and she treats me like I am 10. I have to go to bed at 9 o clock until hs school until i had to say something. I probably would be going to my bed at 9 now if i never said anything. Every word that comes out her mouth she screams. It could be a simple thing like your jacket fell pick it up but now she feel like she needs to scream it and go on and on for like 5 minutes about this one little thing. She dosent treat my like a human being. I have no rights no say, i know I am young but i have less rights then the average teenager. She dosent know when to STFU about something and walk away. She throws things at me likes books and lotion bottle. Once she sprayed a cleaning spray like windex or clorox in my face. I don't see much of my dad. I spent saturday with him and my half brother (which i havent seen in years). He lives in queens i live in brooklyn which is about 30 minutes away. but before that i havent seen him for like almost 2 years. he is pretty ok but he is all about work. He is one of thoose dad that have like a million college degrees and is just all about work he tells me i dont need friends and if it was up to him i wouldnt have a social life. But I hang out with my two best friends there white i am black. There pretty descent. He has the idea I might be running around in a gang. but i dont hate him for it I understand. but my mom she does the most ridiculous things without reason. My is starting to get old. She has horrible memorie. So like if I tell her something or she tells me something and a problem comes up about it later she denies it when she clearly said it was ok like fr example i ask if i could hang with my friend after school she says ok.when i remind her about it she denies ever telling me and screams at me and tells me i cant go. I know that i am not perfect but my mom is just ridiculous. She gets me angry on a daily basis and i dont get angry only around her. she is the only thing that that makes me mad. I dont get mad in school or around my friends. she is the only person that makes me mad. and she provokes me on a daily basis she talks about me on the phone with her friends or who ever and tells them lies about what happening or not telling them the evil things she did. Like I order a ps3 i worked hard at a job for it during the summer. I tracked it on amazon so i was expecting it to come. so I was at my friends house when it came. I come back ask her if my package came. she said no. I go online it said it got delivered it and it even showed who signed for it. And we got into a screaming match about it because i wasnt my things who wouldnt. She calls the cops over an argument and the cops tell her ppl get shot and robbed you can't call the police over these. and the police did there thing you know try to put a scare in me although i knew it was empty threats because i know a decent amount about ny law and I knew enough that they couldnt arrest me. by anyways everyday is an argument she is just a horrible person. she says constantly she is going to kill me and then denies it later when i confront her. I just want my life back and to be treated fairly. I wouldnt wish what I am going through on my worst enemy it is just horrid.


my friends know some of the details but not all.

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    I know what it's like to have a mother constantly depressed and scream for 5 minutes at you for the smallest thing. I haven't seen my dad for 3 years either.

    But what you're going through is torture. You need to talk to someone, you say you have two besties, do you get along with their parents? You could always talk to them or a school counsellor if you want. But like Melinda said, that's pretty much child abuse.

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    If I was you I would honestly fight her that's the only way I will deal with your situation because obviously your mother does not care or have no remorse for you and if you do not want to fight her then just get counselling.

    BTW, do your friends no about this??

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    thats child abuse for her to scream in your face anf spray stuff

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  • Kerry
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    Talk to a counselor .

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