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Best Conceal-Carry Gun?

I'm looking for a pistol. I'll need to carry it while on my motorcycle (probably on the ankle). I have a 1-year pass to the gun range, so I'm wanting something with cheaper ammo (9mm?) so I can go shoot all the time. I thought about the Ruger LCP but I think 380 would be too small for me to be satisfied with. 9mm would have more stopping power as well, and would be cheaper. I'm also considering going 40 cal. Just a few more bucks per 50 but they have greater stopping power. That, however comes with more recoil. There are just so many decisions to make.

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    Here's my advice: Get the biggest gun you will actually carry. My first carry gun was the Springfield XD, which is a great gun, but the problem was that I never carried it. My brother has a nice Glock 40, but it never leaves his gun safe. Both guns for me lack the concealability I need for my body size, clothing, and the activities I like to do. Like you, I consider the LCP a definite step down in caliber, but it is so easy to carry and conceal, I take it with me everywhere.

    My father is an avid motorcycle rider and he carries a 32 ACP, not because it's the best caliber, but it's so small, it's as easy to throw into his pocket as his keys. So if you can carry a Colt 45, by all means do it. But in the summertime, in shorts and a t-shirt, I just don't know how that would be possible for me.

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    I'm "out of the loop" as far as newer handguns so I can't help you in your pick but I will say this. The 380 round is a puny, pathetic round. If you just want to "sting" people get a 380.

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