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My family is splitting, I'm on probation, my mom is mentally ill, and my dad wont keep his mouth closed? Help!?

*************I know it's long, but please read!!*****************

OKay.. So I'm 14, and have a sister who is 10. Our family has had problems as long as I can remember, and finally we al just cracked.

My mom has always been mentally ill and has tried to take my sister away before, talks to herself, etc. but my dad can't force her into rehab/ hospitalation or medication, because that would be against the law... She needs to apply herself, which she won't. She always is an alcoholic, smokes a lot, and does several serious drugs.

Now my mom has always abused me mentally and physically my whole life, and bashin every part of me and my sister.

So last thursday night (approx. 8:30pm), my mom was in my room and wouldn't leave, and she was saying things like "Your dad is F**king his mother, and giving all our money to her. And he's gay. You're fat and ugly and a disgrace to our family, you're sister is stupid (she has learning dissabilities, but is the nicest girl I have ever met!), etc"... I asked her to leave again, but she started bashing my grandmother(who I lived with for 5years of my life), saying that she was a 'whore', and other terrible things.

So I hit my mom. (wrong I know now), and she broke down saying she was having internal bleeding, then called the police.. THey came, took her to the hospital, and I got arrested. My dad bailed me out, and then we went to the hospital to visit my mom. They told us that she was perfectly fine, and was acting as if she got hit by a bus, even though she had no ijuries.. Then they kept her overnight (section 12), because she was acting extrmeely mentally ill, and saying that a helicopter was going to come a save our family or something, and that my grandfather was a billionaire, and my dad wanted to divorce her for her money only. None of this is true-- My grandfather passed away 5years ago, and he was NOT a billionaire (he was a great guy though).

Anyways, I went to court on Friday and listened to the story, and extended the case untill today so I could get an attourney and assumed that I would be able to drop the case from my record. Then all weekend I wasn't allowed to be with my mom (court orders), so she went to visit her great-aunt who was about 5hours away. The whole time she was shooting my dad nasty texts saying he got me in trouble on purpose, etc.

Anyways, Today I went into the court with my dad and attourney, and they extended the case AGAIN until April 6th, but if we can't get help for my mom by then, or if my dad doesn't divorce her and take custody, then my sister and I will be taken away. In addition, my sister and I are not allowed to see my mom until then.

My mom is doing terrible things now.. She won't stop calling my relatives (on my dad's side), and blaming him, and they all have their own problems.. She's saying that she's coming home anyways, and calling me and my dad, and sister nasty names. I don't want to be taken away from my dad (or sister), they mean the world to me.. Literally. I just feel so worried and empty right now, and my mom is basing everyone in front of me, using language I don't want to hear.. And it's just scary.

I don't know how much longer I can take this. And suggestions or help??

Thanks so much!


** My mom is actually mentally ill... The doctors at the hospital told us that she seemed clearly 'not there'. And about a year ago, my mom randomly 'left' for a week, and it turns out she checked herself into a mental hospital for 4days, but we didn't find out until now.

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    This is a suggestion for you based on what happened to me in my own life:

    When I was 14 my family had a lot of problems and drama. I ran away from home. Looking back in retrospect I wish that I would have ran away, gained a mentor and never looked back. You are WAY to young to be involved with this kind of problem.

    Is there a safer place that you can move to where you can focus on becoming a balanced/educated person in society? If not, I would do everything to avoid this nonsense and spend as much time as possible away from home focusing on getting to college so you can get out.

    This is not healthy and you don't deserve it.

    What happened to me:

    I ran away and eventually went back to the madness that ran my house. The fighting/problems only got worse so I eventually got into the military and ended up moving to another state over 1,000 miles from my family never to go back. Being alone is very difficult, however, I'm not glad that I left, I only wish I would have stuck it out long enough to get a college degree.

    These people in your life sound ridiculous. Just by asking this question and you trying to get away from your mom you seem like a level-headed kid. Just get through this and move on with your life. You can do it.

    Source(s): personal experience.
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    It's weird, but i almost had the exact situation. My mother is bi-polar and she started doing crazy things like flooding our apartment and stabbed herself and said it was my dad. You cannot let her stay with you! My dad and sister and i all lived in our apartment and wouldnt let her in so she went to a homeless shelter (but she had no family in the city). So if your mom had people to stay with, then i think she'll be fine, just dont let her in! And as for the calls, my mom did that too she sent a mass email to my family. You just have to call them yourself and explain the situation. It'll surprise you whos on your side. GOOD LUCK :)

  • ackles
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    3 years ago

    Dont be Embarrassed in any respect. many women produce different persons walk them down the Isle all of the time. when I Marry returned (divorce sucks !) i'll have my cousin walk me down. Do you have a Uncle , aunt or cousin that your on the area of ? Ask one in each of them ! Or walk on my own one million/2 way , an possibly have your Groom to be meet you one million/2 way .

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sorry, no suggestions but I feel for you. Is your mom actually mentally ill or is that just what you call her because of all the stupid stuff she does!?

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    9 years ago

    i dont hav any suggestions but you kno i mean sum people choose cucumber over pickle

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