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How can I keep the US Army's Heidelberg (Germany) Golf Course from being closed down?

The US Army's Heidelberg (Germany) Golf Course is scheduled to close in 2015 to save money for US taxpayers. The golf course keeps the USSR from invading through commie Poland and provides employment for lots of West German citizens. The US has over 750 military bases and neary all are not needed. Why pick on this one?

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    Sounds sorta nutty but typical. Bet it is making money as the German economy is going strong as they did budget cuts and held firm to them.

    That said I would scope out just what it makes just in case that comes up later and you might need to get the community behind it and have more come and play to drive up revenues.

    But here is what the house and Senate members listen to and that is the number of complaints they get about a certain item. So if you can figure out who is on the committee and start having people in the States and there call or e-mail them about it that should do the trick. Each day they take the calls and which ever ones have the most they look into. It's pretty simple as the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    I can see your point and it would be real hard to contact everyone unless you had the different Army personnel have friends and family call back home, but that is not out of the question. anyway bombard them adn hope it works out. No reason to leave them in a lurch as something like that is worth money. Then again who knows someone might have made a deal to sell it for money on the side. Good luck.

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